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  • The day after tommorow I will be playing as the axis for the 2nd time and I need some advice for a counterstrategy for Germany when attacking Russia. Last time, my opponent simply made an airplane every turn  + infantry, and just kept stacking infantry and creating dead zones which he could take back easily with 10 - 15 infantry with fighter and bomber support. At the same time, as Germany, I just could not keep my front lines supplied with enough units. I tried to do this with infantry alternated by tanks to try and have them at the front lines at the same time to create a stack of my own, but this takes far too long. How do you keep your frontlines filled while at the same time prevent getting slaughtered after each territory you take?

  • In 1942 scenario, a Baltic navy is a viable option for Germany.  A carrier on G1 and a transport or two will enable Germany to do battle in Norway, Finland and Karelia.

    Never underestimate the ability to use German planes to counter the Russian stacks of inf.  With German inf, art, and air, Germany can create their own dead zones to keep Russia from advancing.

    In 1942, Germany attacks AFTER Russia.  This can be key as then Italian and Japanese ftrs can be used to cover German ground thrusts.  Assuming Japan can afford a ftr or two, but this may not always be the case as a USA pacific strategy is quite viable in 1942.

    Keep reading in this thread for further discussions.  There are plenty of quality strategy posts here.

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