2013 WBC A&A FTF Tournament (Revised Edition)

  • Once again the A&A event at the World Boardgaming Championships is a Precon. Which means that it is run on the weekend before the main convention runs.

    The event uses the 2004 Revised game as the base edition for tournament play.

    The tournament format consists of three preliminary rounds determining the top four players who advance to the semi-final round. The winners there then fight it out for the championship “wood”. “Wood” is the term used to describe the plaque given to winner of an event, but depending on the prior years’ participation there may be plaques given for multiple place in the event. This year shows a plaque will be given for the top three places.

    First round is random pairings, but the next two rounds is matching based on like records with seeding based on VT scoring in the prior round(s). The idea is to get to the point where you have (depending on the number of entrants) three or four 3-0 players who then advance to the semis. Any spots in the top four not filled by enough 3-0 players are then filled by the highest ranking 2-1 player(s). So based on the scoring system on the event preview page, there is a reason to lose “well”. You never know if a good loss will still pan out in getting you to the elimination rounds.

    I haven’t been there for this event for a couple of years, but I am looking to go out early this year and actually competing in it (I was the event GM for multiple years and only played games in an Eliminator role.). Still in the planning stages though.


    For convention info:

    For WBC info, just click on the shortcut listed on that page.

  • 32 unique participants.

    There 15 games the first round, with 12 or 13 in the second round.

    Maybe 8 games in the third round.  Ty Hansen ended up capturing the championship again beating not only Goia son in the semifinals and then the Goia dad in the final.

    Unfortunately, I lost a close game to the dad in the second round and then another close one in the third round.  Good time though and didn’t feel outplayed in anyway.  Just needed to tweak a few things and could have won.

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