The Most Devastating Event to Nazi Germany

  • But that isn’t really relevent because it was the social unrest that caused the most problems. Additionally, the section you list only says Germany will make reparations and restore conquered territories. It makes no mention to destroying infrastructure within Germany. Further, this was obviously not done since Germany still had telephones, railroads etc. So what! Lets get back to how the world would have been different without the two world wars, and my contention that life would have remained similar to how it was circa 1900.

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    Lots of money is infrastrcture! I mis read it go up to Article 247 it mentions a lot more…

  • First of all money is not infrastructure. Infrastructure are things like railroads, roads, lines of communication etc. As such they can be destroyed through war, but not borrowed from other nations. Money can be lent, and vast quantities of this was sent to Germany for them to make reparations which they turned around and used on armarments.

    Anyway do you even know the treaty or are you just siting random articles? I looked 247 up and it only deals with them making reparations for plunder taking from several universities and churches that were in territories they occupied.

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    231 to 247… what I mean to say is that Germany fell apart after the war regardless of if they stole infrastructure, because they stole all the money from them that they would have used tho rebuild there country, which is a cause and effect…sorry I know I’m probably not writing this right but that is what I am basically saying…


  • Well that’s different. So what you’re trying to say is that Germany fell apart after the war which is absolutely correct. Back to my original argument, WWI led to enormous social change that sparked the technological progress which led to the lifestyle we now enjoy. In Germany particularly democracy and progressive ideals had been supressed for generations, but after WWI this was no longer possible due to the chaos you describe. Additionally, an affect of both world wars has been the spread of democracy by the victorious powers of Britain, France and the US.

    Again how would the world be different without the world wars. I think it would be more backward, less changed, less democratic, more imperialistic, but perhaps more stable because Democracy tends to breed instability.

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