Larry Harris 1914 Tournament Rules ( "potential rules" using his language)

  • Question regarding the 2-space move.  Austria-Hungary controls and has troops in both Venice and Piedmont.  France has troops in Marseilles.  Since you cannot move 2 spaces into an enemy-held area, normally the troops in Venice could not move into French-occupied Marseilles in one move.  However…if the AH force in Piedmont moves into Marseilles first, thus making it a contested space, can the AH force in Venice then move two spaces into Marseilles during that same move phase?

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    Welcome, tomcat4940!

    No, it doesn’t work that way.  All movement is considered to be simultaneous within the same phase.

  • Played yesterday with the rules……and after some bad dices (terribles) and bad interpretations…bad moves too…and a bad british player…CP’s won hard…

    Some toughts…

    • The 2 movements rules should only be available in the homeland territories not friendly…russia is getting hard time to protect every territories with austria and germany that can move with each others territories…Russia is always getting collapse…but overall its speeding the game…thats a goooooood thing

    • U.S.A should get to war in turn 3 because they cant move at all when being neutral

    • Economic collapse should be at the end of the turn like political…to ensure russia and ottomans can keep going for some turns

    thats it…when those tournament rules will be officials?..looking for another game but we decide that we will wait for a official set of rules

  • Can a land unit move two if their second movement would end in a contested territory?

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  • I concur with Napoleon’s observations and suggestions above–especially with the idea of limiting 2 space movement in some further manner. Barring allied territories seems extreme, but perhaps, at the very least, no 2-space movements by ground forces in territories that originally belonged to enemy major or minor powers, including moving into these territories–one move in, and no second move.  It makes sense that the pace of advance slows down in enemy territory as it is being pacified and brought slowly under control. This alone would help the allies considerably, and I do feel that they need help given the massive number of units that both Germany and Austria-Hungary start with and can mobilize on the first turn, which is nearly all their available units–must be close to 120 units that they can throw against France, Russia, and Italy on round one alone. This being said, we don’t play with the time limit, just the honor system whereby when it’s obvious that one side has an unbeatable advantage then the other side concedes–so, we’re still thinking in terms of the eventual conquest of capital cities. These new rules help the game a lot, just seem to need more tweaking. Thanks, y’all!

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    I do feel that they need help given the massive number of units that both Germany and Austria-Hungary start with and can mobilize on the first turn, which is nearly all their available units–must be close to 120 units that they can throw against France, Russia, and Italy on round one alone.

    I think you may be playing incorrectly.  A unit can only move one space into an enemy-controlled territory.  In other words, in order to move by land into an enemy-controlled territory, a unit must already be adjacent to it at the beginning of the turn.

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    What was the railroad gauge like between Germany and Austria-Hungary? I can see some sort of restriction in place for Africa.

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    If we interpret the 2 space move as rail movement (be very careful if you do…) then indeed it should be within Europe and Ottoman home tt only.

  • It should at least be restricted to “non-combat movement” - moving two spaces into combat, even if it’s a previously contested space, seems a bit excessive for World War I.

    Also, as I mentioned in my post on our game using Tournament Rules, the power in question should get to check at the end of the turn, rather than the beginning, to determine if that country is out of the game.  Otherwise there are all sorts of ridiculous moves made with no goal other than to push a country into collapse.

  • A unit may move two land spaces through friendly territory.

    How long must a territory be held to be treated as friendly?


    AH takes Ukraine. Russia does not counter attack. Can Germany rush through Ukraine on it’s turn and attack Moscow, or must the territory be held until the end of AH’s turn next round before it is friendly?


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    The territory must be friendly at the beginning of your turn.  However, units may only move one space when entering a hostile territory, so unless Moscow was already contested at the beginning of Germany’s turn, German units may not move two spaces to get to it.

  • Does contested territories also count towards economic victory? In the first paragraph it says captured territories. But in the example, two spaces contested by Germany is counted into the total CP victory points of 21.

    If contested territories count, powers could just throw forces into many battles in the last couple of turns just to get spaces contested, instead of trying hard to really capture territories. Might give some strange endgame moves.

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    Contested territories count.

  • Thank you. Then we’re set to try the Tournament Rules. Looking forward to it  :-)

  • Regarding these rules, can i make a territory contested by moving adjacent troops into it and also adding troops via the 2 territory movement rule or must the final territory be contested already at the beginning of my turn?

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    The territory must not have been hostile or neutral at the beginning of the turn in order for units to move two spaces into it.

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    France invades Spain. Part of the invasion force is amphibiously assaulting with troops from north Africa.

    At the same time a transport drops a French infantry off in Portugal to activate it.

    Can a French fighter based in Bordeaux fly over Spain to land in Portugal, due to the amphibious assault on Spain making it in effect hostile tt?

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    So an amphibious assault can retroactivate a minefield, but not advance the activation of a neutral.
    Or does a naval battle have to be involved?

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