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May 14th

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    May 14th 1264 was the day the weak Henry III of England lost his crown to the rebel Simon De Montfort. He was the King’s brother in law with the title of the Earl of Leicester and only wanted reform in government, known as the Provisions. Many other nobles agreed change was necessary and followed him.
    The two armies met at Lewes in Sussex(not far from Hastings of 1066 fame). Leicester commanded half the number of the king, probably 5000, of which 500 were cavalry.
    It is possible the young Prince Edward attacked before the rest were ready and although defeating the Rebel’s left wing, disappeared from the field. While he was away, The King’s men were put to flight,  Lewes taken and the King and Prince later captured.
    A year later Edward escaped and won at Evesham(4th August 1265)rescuing his father.
    Edward would become king and defeat the Welsh and Scottish as Edward I(1272-1307).

    Happy Birthday Worsham.

    There was a Civil War battle: Jackson(1863), but it was a sad day for the South as the fall of the capital lowered morale of the Mississippi troops at Vicksburg and Southerners everywhere.

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    Happy Birthday Worsham, have a wonderful and nice day!

  • Thank you for the birthday wishes friends.

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