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A question about a German National Objective

  • As stated in the Global German Global Rules  “5 IPCs per territory if Germany controls Novgorod (Leningrad), Volgograd (Stalingrad), and/or Russia (Moscow). Theme: High strategic and propaganda value.” as it says “5 IPCs per territory” does that mean every territory Germany has including the original German territories and other nations territories like France, or does it mean 5 IPCS per russian territory or 5 IPCs for Novgorod etc. Because when we first read that seemed really weird that every territory would get 5 ipc if it was everu single territory if someone could help it would be amazing

  • 5 IPC per territory. But only for Leningrad, Stalingrad and Moscow
    for exemple if you have Leningrad and  Stalingrad you get 10 bonus ipc

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