TripleA Beta has been released!

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    TripleA Beta has been released, download it here,

    This version is completely backwards compatible with savegames.  It will also run all savegames from onward.
    (You can install more than 1 version of TripleA at a time, and run them all at the same time.)

    The Developers for TripleA Veqryn

    Main Updates:

    - New Games:
    ‘Chess’, ‘Checkers’ (English Draughts), ‘GO’ (also called Igo), and a major overhaul of ‘Great War’ (a World War 1 game).

    - New features for the Battle Calculator:
    More information is shown such as starting power, TUV swing, total hp, avg units left when winning.
    Can now specify to retreat after X rounds, retreat when Y units left, and/or retreat when losing.
    Default Casualty selection now takes Territory Effects into account, and you can also specify an Order Of Losses for casualties.

    - New User Interface features:
    New Keyboard Shortcut: press “F” for ‘Find Units’, which will highlight all units you have with movement left.
    When selecting units for moving, their movement left is shown in Blue by your mouse.
    New report given at end of turn detailing income collected, any national objectives, and any blockade actions.
    Can now change the font size and color of map text such as unit counters.

    - New Edit Mode Options:
    Can now use edit mode to change political relations between players, move units around, add units that nations can’t normally produce, add land units to sea zones, remove units belonging to multiple nations.

    - Sounds now play for Clients in online games

    - Many new features for future maps:
    Image files for game notes can now be included with the map zip, allowing faster loading and offline loading.
    New Phase: User Actions, which is similar to politics except that it is specifically to allow a nation to activate triggers of their choosing.
    New Phase: Random Start, which allows players to choose territories one by one, similar to Risk, or have them allocated randomly.
    Air battles can now occur before normal battles, and can now scramble into an air battle, and retreat from air battles.
    Normal and air battles can have custom number of rounds set.
    Anti-Air type units can now fire offensively, can fire multiple rounds, can damage or kill, and can have custom sounds.
    Support Attachments can now affect rolls or strength, and can affect enemy or allied units.
    New condition for ‘gameProperty’ allows custom game options, and new options for condition ‘chance’ allow incrementing if failed and decrementing if successful.
    A ton more new features for map and game makers!

    - Lots of Bug Fixes:
    Some small fixes for movement validation.
    Some fixes for rare crashes.
    Lot of other small bug fixes, see changelog for details.

    - Others:
    When in History Mode, you can Right Click on any history node and make a savegame at that point in this history.
    TripleA now checks if it is out of date, or if your maps are out of date, once per month.
    Maximum memory bumped up to 1gb, meaning that you need at least 1.5gb of free unused ram (or you could crash).
    New AI, “Does Nothing AI”, for use with multiplayer Free-For-All games.
    Other keyboard shortcuts: “N” will cycle through territories highlighting units with movement left. “I” shows a popup containing unit/territory information. WASD/ArrowKeys will move the map around (can also right click and drag your mouse).

    More detail on updates/changes:

    Major Bug fixes since

    • Fixed bug where having a tech token but not having enough money to buy a new one, would cause you to skip rolling for the existing token. (veqryn)
    • Fixed bug where units being transported or otherwise dependent were being counted towards unit presence and unit exclusion objectives. (veqryn)
    • Fixed movement validation bug that prevent loading of land units onto a transport during noncombat if the transport was in an enemy ‘owned’ sea zone. (veqryn)
    • Possibly fixing bug where the game host process does not end, even though all windows close. (veqryn)
    • Fixed serious bug with process runner util that prevented a new classpath from being used, most notably preventing the ‘old jars’ from getting run. (veqryn)
    • Fixing several memory leaks related to game notes staying in memory multiple times. (veqryn)
    • Fixing bug in air movement validation for complex movement cases. (veqryn)
    • Fixed bug where you could move a destroyer after it had killed a sub, during noncombat move. (veqryn)
    • Fixed bug where having sea units begin the turn on top of an enemy sub, and then not moving them but also not attacking, caused them to lose their movement anyway. (veqryn)
    • Fixed bug where AA shots on 2 hitpoint units with Choose AA Casualties on was resulting in no damage or killed unit. Also changed battle display to show “typeAA” for each AA Fire phase, instead of a generic identifier. (veqryn)
    • Fixed bug that caused a rare skipping of a battle involving transports and air vs undefended transports. (veqryn)
    • Fixed battle screen null pointer errors caused by maps with artillery units but no supportable units. Also fixed bug where maps without notes could not be closed. (veqryn)
    • Changing defending submarines to fire after all attacking units under classic rules, where property Defending Subs Sneak Attack is false. (veqryn)
    • Fixed null pointer error in Strong AI (Moore AI) purchase method. (veqryn)
    • Fixed issue with Marine amphibious attackers showing a bonus on the battle screen even when attacking via land. (veqryn)
    • Minor adjustment to retain capital produce number methods to allow a value of zero. (flaaargle)
    • Fixed null pointer error in signalGameOver when called by a trigger for a game that has never reached the end round step. (veqryn)
    • Fixed problem where territory names that were parseable integers could not allow any territory based conditions. I still recommend territories have a non integer character in them though. (veqryn)
    • Fixing fuelCost to not be charged for units in transports. (veqryn)

    Major New Engine Features:

    • Added ability to Right Click on any node in the History panel, and save a game at that point in history [could still be buggy, do not use for tournament games]. (veqryn)
    • Added the default map downloader xml web link to the download maps feature, if the user does not already have any. (veqryn)
    • Created a notification to the user when they click “list games” that will alert them to which maps they already have which may be out of date and need updating. (veqryn)
    • Created a notification to the user when they start TripleA that checks once per day if their TripleA is the latest version, and if not asks them to update it. (veqryn)
    • Created a notification to the user when they start a version of TripleA for the first time, showing the new features of this version. (veqryn)
    • Creating a new monthly check to see if all maps are up to date, and if not then asking the user to update their maps. (veqryn)
    • Created Chess for TripleA, including all logic and rules. (veqryn)
    • Created new user interface elements for Chess and an abstraction of such for other grid based games. (veqryn)
    • Created a very very simple AI for Chess, based on random moves plus capturing pieces when available. (veqryn)
    • Created Checkers (Draughts) for TripleA, including all logic and rules. (veqryn)
    • Created new user interface elements for Checkers. (veqryn)
    • Created GO (Igo) for TripleA, including all logic and rules. (veqryn)
    • Created new user interface elements for Go. (veqryn)
    • Added new checkboxes for the Play-By-Email/Forum poster for including savegame and for reposting the turn if it failed the first time. (veqryn)
    • Creating a mouse shadow image to go with the route image, showing how much movement you have left for any selected units, in blue font. (veqryn)
    • Creating simple message dialog report for end of turn collection of PUs and national objectives and any blockade action. (veqryn)
    • Forced all non-returning void dialogs to run in a separate process as to not block the game from moving forward.
    • Creating a method in IDisplay to send messages to all player’s computers, but only once per computer. Also includes ability to send to certain players only. (veqryn)
    • Created option in game ‘View’ menu to change the font size and font colors of things like territory names, pu’s, unit count, and factory damage count. (veqryn)
    • Added new Edit option to change political relationships between players. (veqryn)
    • Added fields for average number of rounds, average attacking units left when attacker won, and average defending units left when defender won, to the battle calculator. (veqryn)
    • Adding ability to specify when the attacker should retreat after how many rounds, to the battle calculator. (veqryn)
    • Added more info to Battle Calc including total TUV swing, and allowing retreat after losing all air units or having only x units left. (veqryn)
    • Allowed Edit Add Units to check if artwork exists for units not in a production frontier, and if so allow them to be created. (veqryn)
    • Allowed Edit Mode to remove units owned by different players. (veqryn)
    • Allowed Edit Mode to add land units to a sea zone if there are either transports already there or transports also being added at the same time. (veqryn)
    • Adding a new Hot Key “F” for ‘Find Units’, which will highlight all units you own that have movement left, but only during a movement phase. (frigoref)
    • Adding text labels to the Battle Calculator for the number of hitpoints and the total attack or defense power of each side. (veqryn)
    • Increasing maximum memory to 1gb (1024mb), up from 768mb. (veqryn)
    • Expanded Unit tool tips to include unit support attachments, and also to detail more info for other abilities. (veqryn)
    • Adding scroll bar to chat panel for online game waiting host room before game launched. (veqryn)
    • Adding new PBEM feature, the ability to post to a custom triplea website. (weigo)
    • Set up battle delegate and tracker to allow air battles to be created for normal battles. (veqryn)
    • Allowed AA Gun type units to fire back in same round if killed by other AA Gun type units. (veqryn)
    • Allowing defense to ground their planes before an air battle (preceding a normal battle) if withdrawing is turned on, however if the territory is lost they die. (veqryn)
    • Updated default casualty selection to take territory effects into consideration. (veqryn)
    • Adding a visual log to AutoPlacementFinder and TileImageBreaker, and getting the AutoPlacementFinder to cut out at a max of about 50 placements per territory. (veqryn)
    • Created new image utility, TileImageReconstructor, which will recreate an image based on base tiles or relief tiles and/or draw a polygons file onto an image. (veqryn)
    • Added option to retreat in battle calculator when we are losing, which is approximated by seeing if our ‘meta-power’ is lower than the opponent’s. (veqryn)
    • Created new button, “Order of Losses”, in the battle calculator, which will all you to put in a text script of which casualties to select in what order. (veqryn)
    • Created new AI specially for multiplayer free-for-all games, “Does Nothing AI”, which will buy units the first round then destroy all money all subsequent rounds, along with doing nothing else. (veqryn)
    • Created new delegate, “UserActionDelegate”, which will allow nations to take any kind of condition/trigger based action. (veqryn)
    • Created user interface element for the User Action Delegate, based on the existing politics interface. (veqryn)
    • Created user interface element for RandomStartDelegate, so that players can pick which territory they want and what units they want in it. (veqryn)
    • Gave all AIs methods to pick territories, and they will attempt to focus on a single area of the board. (veqryn)
    • Created new channel broadcaster for use with playing sounds on both server machine and client machines. (veqryn)

    Major New Game XML or other Map Features:

    • Added feature to automatically parse HTML text in game notes and in notifications, and replace all image links with links to the map folder’s “doc/images/” directory, thereby allowing local image files to be used. (veqryn)
    • Created new territory effect attachment option, “unitsNotAllowed”, which is a list of units that will be prevented from moving into any territories with this effect. (crystalct)
    • Deleting game option property “Occupied Territories” since it does not do anything anymore. (veqryn)
    • Changing territory attachment “occupiedTerrOf” into “originalOwner”. (veqryn)
    • Changed territory attachment “victoryCity” to allow integers instead of boolean, thereby allowing victory cities with greater value, and also added a tooltip to tech purchase phase to show what techs are in each category. (eurofabio)
    • Created a new Unit Attachment option, “damageableAA”, which allows this AA gun type unit to cause damage to a two hitpoint unit instead of outright killing it. (veqryn)
    • Created new game option property, “Air Battle Rounds”, which will allow setting the number of rounds of combat for air battles. (veqryn)
    • Created new game option properties, “Air Battle Attackers Can Retreat” and “Air Battle Defenders Can Retreat”, which allow retreating from air battles. (veqryn)
    • Created new game option property, “Battles May Be Preceeded By Air Battles”, which will allow normal battles to have air battles first. (veqryn)
    • Created new game option property, “Can Scramble Into Air Battles”, which will allow a player to scramble air to neighboring territories in order to defend against air raids and air battles. (veqryn)
    • Created new game option property, “Battle Rounds”, which sets the maximum number of rounds of combat for normal battles, with -1 being infinite which is default. (veqryn)
    • Created new unit attachment property, “maxRoundsAA”, which sets the number of rounds an AA gun may fire in, with 1 being default. Only normal battles are affected, while flyover and strategic bombing are not affected. (veqryn)
    • Allowing custom AA hit and miss sounds for irregular AA types, with the folder being located at “battle_<typeaa>hit" and "battle<typeaa>_miss” (folder must be lowercase though), where <typeaa>is the unit attachment “typeAA” of that unit. (veqryn)
    • Created new unit attachment properties, “offensiveAttackAA” and “offensiveAttackAAmaxDieSides”, which will be used by offensive aa guns. (veqryn)
    • Created new unit attachment property, “canAirBattle”, which determines if a unit participates in a normal battle’s air battle. (veqryn)
    • Changed unit attachment “isMarine” to allow for integers instead of boolean. (veqryn)
    • Getting the UnitSupportAttachment dice option to handle both strength and roll, thereby allowing giving extra rolls to units. (veqryn)
    • Getting the UnitSupportAttachment faction option to handle both allied and enemy, thereby allowing giving positive or negative support to enemy units. (veqryn)
    • New Condition Attachment property option, “gameProperty”, which can be set equal to the exact string of any boolean game property option, including custom made up ones. (veqryn)
    • Created new attachment, “UserActionAttachment”, which holds actions that can be taken by a player, based on an abstraction of the political action attachment. (veqryn)
    • Added properties for conditions, conditionType, invert, chance, costPU, text, actionAccept, and attemptsPerTurn to the User Action Attachment. (veqryn)
    • Added new property, “activateTrigger”, to UserActionAttachment, which will fire a trigger when the nation takes this action. (veqryn)
    • Created new text file, “”, which contains action text for the user interface for taking user actions, similar to (veqryn)
    • Created new delegate, “RandomStartDelegate”, which will allow for randomly assigned territories or territories chosen in turn order. (veqryn)
    • Created new game option property, “Territories Are Assigned Randomly”, which determines if territories are randomly assigned or picked by players during RandomStartDelegate. (veqryn)
    • New attachment properties for Triggers, Politics, and User Actions: “chanceIncrementOnFailure” and “chanceDecrementOnSuccess” which will modify the “chance” value. (veqryn)

    Major Map/Game changes:

    • New game: Chess
    • New game: Checkers (American/English Draughts)
    • New game: GO (Also called Igo)
    • Major changes to both the map and the placements and the rules for “Great War” world war one game. (veqryn)

    For a full changelog see here:

    Please report any bugs encountered here:

    If you find bugs, I really can’t do much about them unless you upload an autosave.  It will save me tons of time if you give me an autosave / or save game made sometime before the bug occured.  Also mention what map the bug occurred on, and copy and paste the error if there is one.

    Your save games are in a folder right next to where the maps are:

    (Windows XP)  C:\Documents and Settings\userName\triplea
    (Windows 7)  C:\Users\userName\triplea
    (Mac)  /home/user/documents/triplea/
    (Linux)  /home/user/triplea/

    [They are NOT in program files.  They are in a folder in your user account.]

    When you are making a post, click the “More Options” button.  From there click “Upload a file”.
    Simply upload the autosave, or other save, to your post.

    I really really appreciate savegames, it makes my life a lot easier.

    Please also describe what happened before the bug occurred, and copy and paste the full error message, and of course say what map and what version of TripleA you were using!


  • Customizer

    TripleA bundled version includes a bunch of extra maps, including:
    v3 (aa50)
    v4 (spring 1942)
    v5 (1942 se)
    v6 (1941)
    Pacific 1940
    Europe 1940
    Global 1940
    and the ABattleMap skin for Global 1940

    To see pictures of and how to use the ABattleMap skin, see this post:

    Also, please do not forget to help TripleA’s development by making a donation in our 2013 donation drive:


  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    A) I want to change the sounds to my own sounds.  Can this be done?  Assuming they are wave files?
    B) Can I add non standard units yet. 😛  Prolly not, since it kind of blind sided you just a few days ago, but still…
    C) Is there a way to shortcut in a version where every unit is tripled?  3 fighters for each fighter, 3 battleships for each battleship, etc?

  • Customizer


    A) I want to change the sounds to my own sounds.  Can this be done?  Assuming they are wave files?
    B) Can I add non standard units yet. 😛  Prolly not, since it kind of blind sided you just a few days ago, but still…
    C) Is there a way to shortcut in a version where every unit is tripled?  3 fighters for each fighter, 3 battleships for each battleship, etc?

    a) Yes.  They are located in the installed folder /assets/sounds/
    But if you have good sounds, I would highly recommend you upload them and post them somewhere so that I and other people can use them, and possibly even include them with future versions of triplea.

    b) I am not entirely sure what you mean by this.  TripleA allows very customized maps.  270bc has elephants and spearmen, LOTR has wizards and trolls and balrogs, TWW has specific units for each nation and a 3 level tech tree under 3 more categories for land, sea and air, with subcategories within that. will let you EDIT add any unit that exists both in the game XML and has unit art in that nation’s folder.  This means with you can edit in a fighter, or a bomber, or a battleship for the chinese in global 1940, or any other a&a map.
    Are you talking specifically for “bidding”, since that is what you posted about recently?  TripleA only allows nations to produce (including for bidding) units that they can presently purchase normally. 
    However, you could easily customize this by making another production frontier for that nation which allows all units, and have the nation start with that production frontier, then switch to their normal production frontier after the bid phase is over with.  Fairly easy for you to set up if you are willing to touch the game xml.  Join the development forum to figure out how.

    c) What?? No.
    But again, the xml could easily be changed to triple all unit placements, and triple the number of of units you get with each purchase.  This is entirely up to you to do, and since it is so easy I will let you try it.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    B) yes I was referring to tanks, etc being bid for China.  Good to know.  Unfortunately, I think there will be a rule against this for next  year.

    C) Darn, the best was Dogs of War with triple starting units!  I guess I could make my own map, lol.

    A) I never said I had GOOD sounds, just some wave files I like - mostly people talking - but they are kind of big and might take a while to load the game everytime, so using them for real time play or even forum play may be annoying.  Like to at least try mine out see what happens to your game file with loading/unloading.  Hell, I still get it to freeze around turn 10 with someone’s dice going and it never progressing to the next phase.

  • Hello,

    i love Triple A, but in the version the objections don’t seem to be working anymore.

    If you capture Stalingrad or Leningrad the 5 ipc is not counted. Only if you capture all of them (so russia too).

    The same goes with the muliple objections (iraq, persia …) from Italy and (hawaii, calcuta) from Japan

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