• Well I know we all hate this game but do you think this would have benefited from a set reinforcement chart like D-Day and maybe use supplies to build airfields and maybe AA guns or something? I feel a lot of the potential fun is sucked out of trying to manage all your funds and i guess it would seem more historical if there were set reinforcements based on how the battle really played out. Did anyone ever try to come up with their own custom reinforcement chart or is this game just too far gone to try and salvage?

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    The game is not “to far gone.” It is fun with OOB rules.

    This game doesn’t have a reinforcement chart because there was so much complaining about and dislike the ones in D-Day and BOTB. If you did an actual survey the reinforcement charts would easily be a top five dislike.

    House rule whatever you like but there isn’t a thing in this game that needs salvaging.

  • huh, i wasnt aware that the reinforcement charts were so disliked, interesting.

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    That is interesting. I do like them, but then I like to know historical facts and set ups.
    Wonder if it would have worked for Guadalcanal.
    I might have liked it more!

  • Well, I like Guadalcanal.  My favorite game of the three (DDay, BOTB, Guad) by far.  I love the dice box and love the semi-simultaneous movement.  It is very ‘cat and mouse’-like.

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    I have had the game for 3 years and just played 2 games in the last week. I didn’t like the change in the rules at first, BUT now I think it is the best of the battle games. I think a larger campaign style game could run off of these game mechanics and be quite fun.

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    If Guad played like Variable’s Midway game, It would be my favorite one for sure……as long as the Dice Box goes in the recycling bin. :lol:

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