Behind enemy lines, new book: true story


    Harold Hayes, 91, of Medford is the last surviving member of a 30-member group that dodged Nazi troops after their plane was forced to land in Albania in World War II. Their story will be told in a book scheduled for release on May 7.

  • Where is Medford and what is his nationality Raunchy? What year is the plane crash and escape?
    Probably not my kind of book though.

  • Now lives in Medford, OR. From Iowa initially.

    When Army medic Harold Hayes climbed aboard the Army transport plane on Nov. 7, 1943, in Sicily, he anticipated landing in nearby Italy some two hours later.

    They would make their way to the coast, where they met up with a British boat at midnight — 63 days after they had landed in Albania.

    Instead, the four-member crew and its 26 passengers of Army nurses and medics would become lost in a massive storm encircling the heel of Italy, be forced to land near a remote lake in Nazi-held Albania, then dodge enemy troops for more than two harrowing months before being rescued.

    He is the last of the 30 and this is a local story.

    To me, this is another story that was never told or heard about, but did happen. To small for normal channels. This is similar to Charles Durning, who had a remarkable life but most had never heard of all that he had been through.

  • Thank you.
    It is great reading about local people and knowing they are in your community, having done things we really respect.

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