• I apologize if this is the wrong place for this, but it seemed the most fitting catagory.

    Does anyone know what color Summit Green is?  This is in reference to the “tree” of minis available from Xeno Games.

    How about their Red?  How red is it?

    And finally, what does the Neon Green look like?

    Any help appreciated.

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    I’m not at home right now, so I can’t check the Xeno sculpts in my collection, but just as a general comment I’d say that few of the many colours and shades they produced work very well alongside A&A ones.  Black is one of the few exceptions, which isn’t surprising.  The other shades tend to look markedly different from the A&A ones.  Colouyr-wise, the main problem with the Xeno sculpts is that they have a glossy plastic sheen that makes them look rather cheap; some of them even look translucent.  The level of sculpting detail is low, which is another downside.

  • Thanks for your response.  I have a number of older Xeno colors and while they aren’t up to old A&A standards (let alone the newer sculpts) they worked well enough for me.

    Unfortunately, I never fleshed out my minor powers like I wanted to.  After several years away from the games, all the old colors seem to be gone and replaced with others.  The loss of the old light blue french is particularly sad because I almost had enough of those to reach my somewhat amorphous goal.

    I have a number of Xeno pieces in a light, almost translucent green.  I was hoping that might be Summit Green so I could go on filling it out.  They were WaW Chinese.  There’s a pic on boardgamegeek under World at War, but apparently I can’t post links.

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    I assume the colour names you’re quoting are from the Xeno website.  The various Xeno games (and supplementary piece sets) which I bought didn’t (as I recall) identifity the specific shades in the boxes, so I’m not able to tell you which one corresponds to which name…but if it’s of any potential use to you, I could take a couple of pictures of my trays of Xeno pieces sometime this weekend and post them here.  Would this be of any use?

    Note by the way that this game…


    …uses Xeno pieces, and as I recall it includes light blue ones (though I could be wrong about this).

  • I appreciate the offer, but where colors have come and gone out of production, it’s hard to say if the colors you got would be the same ones I’d get buying the same games.  I was hoping someone had bought the “trees” directly from Xeno and would be able to identify them.


    Note by the way that this game…

    …uses Xeno pieces, and as I recall it includes light blue ones (though I could be wrong about this).Â

    Thanks for the heads up on that.  I’ll look into it.

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    The one Zeno set I bought had UK pieces in shiny, shimmering gold. I took it back to the shop.

  • The colors have always varied widely, even when they were calling it by the same name.

    As for the latest color names, I can’t verify exactly what they represent or if they are close to anything that has come out lately.  It has been a few years since I have ordered from Xeno.

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