• Who do you think will win the super bowl?

  • I think the Panthers are better in the Red Zone than the Pats.
    It should be a close one!

  • I agree 😄

  • I’m watching the game right now and the score is Car-22 Pats-21

    I’m a patriot fan so I think they are still gonna kick some a**! 😄

  • Anybody else see Janet Jacksons TIT???

  • I guess I saw tit ,happened so fast,I wasn’t sure if I saw a hooter or just imagined it.

  • Imagined it? 😄 She looks too much like Micheal, so seeing her hooter would be weird…

  • Having seen most of the 38 SB’s I’d say that was on of the top 12 if not in the top 10.

    If you went with the spread Carolina won!
    Pats didn’t kick anyone’s bu*t!

    Oddly enough there was scoring in only 20 minutes of the whole game…
    …last 3 minutes of the first half, …
    last 2 minutes of the 3rd quarter and …
    the last quarter(15 minutes.)

    How far into the fourth quarter was it before anyone scored? Didn’t catch that detail.

    The Pats OFF line held the CAR DEF to NO SACKS… a rarity for CAR!

    Do you think the PAts are a fluke?!? A dynasty after the end of all Dynasties??

    Whoop-de-doo!! Nearly 40 year old titty(b. 5-16-1966)(not much there or you woulda seen a lotta saggy-baggy. The tit was the tree in the forest!! The big thing was all the SimSex on stage while JJ sang!!

    The titty ploy was an advertisement for JJ and JT hosting the upcoming music awards.

    This is the end of the Kiddie Show at half time. It was geared to 10-13 year old girls and 12-16 year old boys.

    The NFL will have more control of the show and include an older bunch of performers and more Country.

    Heard on the News that JJ fessed up. It was planned… just not that much titty.

  • I was playing axis and allies pacific when it happened. I just heard a bunch of people yelling! Also, did anyone see the streaker? :lol:

  • El Jefe wrote

    Pats didn’t kick anyone’s bu*t!

    They didn’t do that good of a job, but they win the Superbowl, so they must of done something right. Jeez!:roll:

    Heard on the News that JJ fessed up. It was planned… just not that much titty

    Of course it was planned! What happened to the Busweiser frogs???

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