World War I - the error in modern history?

  • Interesting interview I found about a revisionist.

  • I tend to agree with this theory.

    There is really no reason for Germany to fight England. I believe that if Germany had won the First world War there would have been no WW2.

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    He makes some interesting but debatable points.  For one thing, he argues that there was nothing inevitable about British intervention in August 1914.  Perhaps not, but Britain had guaranteed Belgian neutrality, so it’s hardly surprising that Germany’s violation of Belgian neutrality in order to invade France in accordance with the Schieffen plan would have tipped over the British domino.  He also argues that WWI wasn’t fundamentally motivated by “great causes”.  This is hardly an original point: in his book War, published a couple of decades ago, Gwynne Dyer wrote that WWI was caused by petty rivalries and provocations which were not fundamentally different from a whole string of similar events in the late 19th and early 20th centuries – the difference being that, in the case of WWI, a confluence of factors led the situation to get disproportionately out of control.

  • really liked it.

    except, what he said about america not producing facism in the 30s seems weird. I am not sure how big it is, but I have heard about the business plot and some other stuff. Just always makes me lose faith the the talker when stuff like that happens.

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    I am not sure how big it is, but I have heard about the business plot and some other stuff.

    One of Frank Capra’s Why We Fight movies shows footage from a rally held in Madison Square Garden by the pro-Nazi German American Bund in February 1939.  As I recall the scene, it showed a guy wearing a stormtrooper-type uniform speaking on a stage, while behind him the walls were decorated with pictures of George Washington and the American flag – a very odd-looking juxtaposition.

  • I found the interview enjoyable, while my wife rolled her eyes at me at my thought of a good YouTube video.

    Clyde, I agree with you, a German WWI victory prevents a lot further bloodshed.

    Had Germany won in 1916, how long does the Kaiser remain in power? and the Czars? We can write of Austria-Hungry Empire, that Empire wasn’t a crumbling house, it was a tremite mound of ruins.

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