Oztea's 1941 Global Setup

  • The German force that can hit Moscow on G6 is
    27 Infantry
    9 Artillery
    17 Mechanized Infantry
    17 Tanks
    3 Fighters
    3 Tactical Bombers
    1 Bomber

    48 Infantry
    7 Artillery
    9 Mechanized Infantry
    9 Tanks
    4 Fighters
    1 Tactical Bomber
    4 AA guns

    The Germans have a 10% chance of victory

    Their other option is to abandon Bryansk and swing the massive force south and make a huge play on Stalingrad and Caucasus
    But the clock ticks, a massive US/UK transport force sits at Gibratlar and it can hit way too many places.

    What should Germany do?
    Tempt fate and hope they roll well?
    Or swing south? And let the Red Menace march forward?

  • Savegame file in OP is old tripleA version:
    Wondering if you have an updated file for

  • I didn’t install yet….
    I will when I get time.

  • ah, i see ;)

  • '17 '16 '15

    Couldn’t find the latest triple a update so here it is.   Checked it a few times,but still might have missed something.

    Don’t know if anyone plays this anymore and I’m not a top tier player, but FWIW I think this is the best Global version out there.


    Oztea’s 41

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    IL, this should be a sticky thread.

  • This seems cool to me. At the very least, thanks for necro-ing an old topic so I got the chance to see it.

  • '17 '16 '15

    Here’s a saved game that uses a new NO that Black Elk and The Baron came up with. When japan and the western allies are at war each valueless pacific ocean territory is now worth 1 ipc.

    You’ll need to put the xml in your games folder in order for it to work.

    41 oz island.tsvg

  • '17 '16 '15

    Here’s 41 Oz that will work without a saved game. Open up TripleA, open maps, open world war II global zip. Put the objectives there. Then open up games and put the xml there. Will show up in the choose game list. Everything works. Just click and go. :)

    Here’s a link to “41 Oztea zip”. It is different than the attached “Oztea 41 zip” in that you open triplea, open maps and put the zip in there. Do not add it to the existing global zip.


    This has AB and NB for phillipines. Fixed France not changing into France when liberated

    Oztea 41.zip

  • this looksawesome!! what is the order of play?

  • '17 '16 '15

    It’s the same. It tends to blow your mind a little at first since their are so many more possibilities. But once you work through it a few times the pace picks up. I haven’t played it in a while. Think I’ll start a game. :)

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    How is the Balance?

  • '17 '16 '15

    Not a top tier player and I usually just play games against myself,but they last longer and each side seems to win the same amount compared to 402nd edition. That’s with no bid so I would say it’s more balanced than global.

    Here’s a quote from Oztea "This has gone through a lot of games and seems balanced.

    Some quirks people in the community have brought to my attention are
    A) Japan can put the hurt on India (India Crush) if they want to, and you can’t stop it unless you max defend. But IF you max defend you have a decent shot at holding, so its super risky for Japan, and if you see it coming they have thrown the game away. So be cautious with India.

    B) US can buy all transports round 1 and send a ton of units to Africa round 1. Really messes up Germany’s mojo. But….lets Japan get a head start in the Pacific.
    The counter to this is an airbase in Holland (which MAY be added to the setup) that allows massive German airpower to strike SZ 91 and kill all the US transports while they are lightly defended."

  • Regarding the Philippines territory, is the Airbase and Navalbase there removed?

    Who controls Finland? There are units there.

    The UK appears to have 30 IPCs held, but you list them starting with 29. Is this an error or correct?

    Lastly, you list Germany having 48 IPCs, but the control marker’s indicate only 46. Is this an error or correct?

  • Hi Oztea,

    look’s like a nice Scenario. I think I will give it a try on our next game. But why do you eliminate the “Kamikaze-Rule” from this game?

    Ryuzaki_Lawliet: I think Finland must be controlled by Germany (as there are German troops inside).
    I would add all naval & air bases listed in the original 1940 Scenario and adjust the IPC-income according to the value of the actual controlled territories.

    Btw. has anybody thought about some Kind of "Japanese Surprise Attack-Rule like in the old A&A-Pacific (2000)?

  • '17 '16 '15

    All AB and NBs from 1940 should be included. He also adds some new ones which are listed. Here’s another thread that gives some more information:


    It’s a little longer but you can speed through a lot of it. Finland is German. I don’t remember the deal with the ipc discrepancies.
    It is a lot of fun though. :)

  • This is a great mod. I have played it maybe8 times and it seems balanced. It is great to have three setups for one game! OOB 1940 2nd, Otzeas 1941, and Larry’s tounrnament 1942.

  • '17 '16 '15

    Yea Oztea’s 41 really rocks it. In case you don’t have it here’s his 42:


  • Hey Oztea I was wondering how you got the numbers for the game? I’ve tried doing year conversions before but gave up after having to deal with countries like china and their number representation in infantry units.

  • Hey it has been a while! I have really been enjoying this! Thanks so much Barney for the link to the 42 setup by Oz!!

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