• For those of us that bid, how much is your average bid for each of the axis? Do you only bid for Germany, or Japan as well? Do you bid less if playing Russia Restricted? Do you place units right worth your IPC bid on the board right at the start?

  • In RR games I will go as low as 4ipcs and as high as 7. In non RR I will go as low as 22ipcs and as high as 24. I feel the RR ruleset is roughly equal to an 18ipc bid.

  • a bid of 24 IPC’s? You could put a battleship in the German SZ for that, build 4 transports, and attack Britian in G2!

  • what is a bid???

  • After you play Axis & Allies for a while, it becomes obvious that the game is slanted in favour of the allies. For example, it becomes commonplace for all three allies to attack Germany and spend everything on sending stuff against Germany, so that Germany is usually dead in 3-5 turns. There is almost nothing Japan can do about this, because even after 5 turns they have only taken over lots of territory in Asia and elsewhere. With Germany dead, the allies just have to march back across Asia and kill Japan. This is a common strategy for experienced players. Because, in this method, the allies win 95% of the time, people have come up with bidding to even out the game. In bidding, everyone who’s playing writes their name and a bid of units/IPC’s on a piece of paper. The people with the lowest bids play Germany and Japan. The axis players get to either place the units that they bid right on the board before the game starts, or they get that value of IPC’s as extra money to start with. For example, say the two lowest bids are 1 tank + 1 IPC and 3 infantry. If the lowest bid goes to Japan, Japan can place an extra tank anywhere they want on the board, but it has to be in their original territory. Also, the Japanese player would get 1 extra IPC, so they would start with 26 IPC’s instead of 25. The German player could place the 3 infantry anywhere he wants to in his original territory on the board.

  • I have never seen a battleship bid, but I am highly skeptical it would succeed because Germany is too weak on the ground, and because the Anglo/Americans have too much air with which to sink any Germany navy that exists after turn1. Plus any Navy units that were to Amphib the Uk have to first clear the Seazone and if the Allies have a couple of transports, a sub, a carrier and 2ftrs that is pretty hard to do. Not to mention the Russians can attack both EEuro and Ukr an potentially destroy 2 German fighters before G1 making it very hard for the Germans to get all of the Uk navy even with a their new battleship.

  • Using Russian air with the navy is definately a possibility, but I am still inclined to think that killing 2 german ftrs in EEuro and Ukr is of greater benefit even if it costs the allies some air to kill the bb. The BalSz bb can only really be used to kill the UkSz and once it does its dead. If it stays to defend transports for an operation sea lion then the Germans will have a very hard time clearing the UkSz/LabSz with just a sub 3ftrs bmb, and likely would lose another aircraft in the process. If they use it to destroy the UkSz fleet then that is a terrible waste of a 24ipc bid.

  • I agree doing both is risky for sure and therefore considering such a weak bid is probably not necessary. However, depending on the percieved skill of your opponent it may be better to take more risks. That is all I was saying. However, a good opponent is not likely to make such a bid so its really a mute point, but I think that navies are inherently less valuable than fighters because navies are continuously vulnerable to air attack while air units can be guarded by ground units.

  • SUD is right. if germany is getting that many IPC’s as a bonus and just buys ONE unit, there is somehing severly wrong with them, they coulve spen it on:

    2 fighters
    4 tanks+1 inf
    8 inf
    3 trannies (for attacking UK)
    3 Subs

    or any combination of the above.
    basically, one battleship is not going to be enough to swing the game in germany’s favor.

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