NEW- Official Global 1942 version of the game- by Larry Harris

  • Our group is going to try this version next weekend and I have just two questions:

    1.  “There will be NO major neutral Powers” – What is a major neutral and how are neutrals played in this version?

    2.  Is Germany 5th or 9th?

  • Official Q&A

    1.  A “major neutral power” is a playable power that begins the game neutral (the Soviet Union and the United States).  In this scenario all powers begin the game at war with all powers on the other side, so there are no special rules for neutrality.

    2.  Germany is 5th.  This is the current version of the scenario.

  • Thanks very much Krieghund!  That info really helps.

  • I saw this on Triple A the other day, doe anyone have a link to where I can download it?  I can’t find it.

  • The Global 1942 setup had a tourney at this past weekend’s GenCon.

    I have to say it’s quite different, especially in terms of the turn order.  However, I must say I really enjoyed it and will probably prefer playing it over Alpha +3 1940.  My gaming partner and I played twice and won twice as the Allies.  Both times he was the USSR, USA, and China whilst I was Britain, ANZACs, and France.  In the first game we were given a bid of 10 IPCs; we put a British tank in Egypt and a British artillery in Burma.  The second time we were given a bid of 8 IPCS; we kept the artillery in Burma and put an artillery in Egypt instead of the tank.

    I found the Japanese are very powerful and demand almost the full attention of America’s first 1-2 buys.  If Japan wants to truly threaten taking BOTH Sydney and Hawaii, it can, but it must almost ignore India in terms of purchases.  In the first game Sydney was lost but America was very well positioned to take it back whilst British India was starting to roll and liberate much of China.  In the second game Japan never took a victory city; it first lost Hong Kong and then Manila.  The game was called after that, especially since the Soviets were on German original territories and the British had taken the Balkans–despite having London occupied by the Germans.  Since it’s quite difficult to threaten Sea Lion, I found Britain could devote almost all of its money toward Africa.  In both games I bought a factory for Egypt and sometimes shuttled troops from South Africa to India.  I paid for it in the second game when Germany did a late Sea Lion and BARELY took London.  He paid for it, however, as the Soviets were soon knocking.

    I would NOT say the 1942 setup is faster or accelerated in terms of how much time you will sit and play the game.  Instead, the benefit is that everyone is at war from the start, so for the American and Soviet players there is no buying and waiting.  Both games at GenCon were almost all-day affairs which could have been longer if one side had not decided to concede after careful deliberation.

    Next time, I would say the Allies deserve a bid of 6 IPCs to see how it unfolds.

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    Thank you for your post and  report ImperialDefence. I am very interested in playing this, having set up and started only to find the turn order was changed.
    Can you confirm the turn order please?

  • No problem regarding the game report.  I felt compelled to post since I read so much vitriol regarding the G1942 setup earlier in this thread.  Having played 1.5 games online through TripleA and now two actual, live games, I will go on the record and say I am a definite fan.  Of course, I will still play G1940 from time to time, but this adds another dimension to the game and eliminates any powers having to sit and wait.  I would say G1942 is a definite must if you have a lot of people playing on both sides, Axis and Allies.  This way the American and Soviet players don’t nod off due to boredom and inactivity.

    For confirmation, the TURN ORDER IS (with starting income in parentheses):

    USSR (29)
    Japan (48)
    USA (50)
    CHINA (12)
    GERMANY (54)
    BRITISH EMPIRE (31 Euro; 10 India)
    ITALY (10)
    ANZAC (10)
    FRANCE (0)

    The National Objectives are the same.

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    Thank you. I thought I remembered Germany being fifth, but was not positive.
    I agree in that it is  nice to have a game without the obligatory conquest of France.
    Someone made a 43 version too. I never got to set that one up, but the situation Germany faced that Summer has always interested me.
    I did play this on AAA, but got fed up with the retarded AI and messed up set up.
    Were you able to amend the set up yourself? I am not competent enough with computers to try that. I hoped someone would amend that.

  • No.  Someone out there has already amended the setup and it is downloadable.  As far as I could tell it was and is accurate.  I don’t have it because my playing partner always hosts our TripleA games.  I would assume he downloaded it from the normal sourceforge, or whatever it is, site.

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    Brilliant. Will look later.
    Thanks again.

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    Here is the link to the Sourceforge thread where you can download the TripleA file.

    If you need help getting it installed, let me know.

    Edit: it wouldn’t let me create a hyperlink for some reason. Can a Moderator fix it?

  • Here is the map!
    Tnx MiniAlien.

    Put the file into triplea\maps\World War II Global\games and you should be ready to go 🙂

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    ImperialDefence and I have played this once on TripleA against each other and twice at GenCon as a team against other seasoned Global players.

    I personally like the new G42 setup. It’s a different game from G40. America is really forced to invest in more Pacific units, whereas it’s easier for them to ignore Japan in G40. The initial depletion of German forces is meant to replicate where Germany would be had they invaded Russia from the beginning. Germany is forced to play a defensive game for the next few rounds, however the Soviet advance is not unstoppable.

    I did not find a problem with the changed turn order. I felt that it worked well with the setup.

    Both games we played were very close even though the Allies received a bid as Imperial stated in the above post.

    I can’t say which I prefer. I like both setup’s and would be happy to play either.

    I must agree with ImperialDefence, this setup is NOT faster. Our games could easily have gone 18 hours.

    The Mongolian Rule was unclear to us. In both games we played that Soviet’s could enter China and participate in defensive battles since they are at war with Japan. However, if they attacked the Japanese first or invaded a Japanese territory then the Mongolians would never mobilize.

    Edit: Mongolian Rule

    I hope this helps to provide some more perspective on the G42 setup.

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    Guys, thank you all for your help but I am unable to load the new set up map  on AAA.
    Erwin Rommel I do not understand what to do with the file you just posted. Cannot see how to download if that is what I am meant to do. Could you explain please? Am not very PC clever. Have AAA and play here, but would like the 42 Global set up.

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    Right click on the link and save as…

    There should be a maps folder somewhere within the TripleA folder.
    Place the file inside your TripleA app folder/Maps/World War II Global/Games

    Start TripleA and under choose game you should see the G42.

    Also, make sure the end of the file has the .xml extension.

    You’ll also need to edit the map at the beginning of the game to remove the 6 Russian infantry in Amur.

    Let me know if you have trouble.

    Edit: Added download instructions and XML and Russian inf comments

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    I dug through the file and found where the 6 infantry in Amur were listed. I changed the number to ‘0’ so they no longer appear in the game.

    Corrected Global 1942 Map:

    This map is also posted on the forum.

  • TripleA

    thanks for posting the maps siparo

  • Is this version a recognition of some kind that those 20 Soviet units in the Far East are too much?

  • I like the Med situation with more actors in it. Maybe a Soviet sub or two in sz 100 (Black Sea) could be interesting. And that subs can pass through Turkish straits hehe

    I do not like that ANZAC , France and Italy are so weak. China and UK Pacific too do not stand much chances against Japanese, so it is pretty much 2 on 2 (Ger and Japan against UK and USA). But with bunch of units, possibilities and outcomes between those 4 i hope it can be interesting 🙂

    I like Iraq being harder to take.

    The Soviets have a nice opportunity to decimate German forces early on and it seems they have better odds against Germans then they had before in 1940.

    Interesting, new and refreshing.

    Good job 🙂

  • Japan`s air force is decimated comparing to 1940. It can much more easily strike at Russian, Chinese and UK Pacific, even ANZAC territories but it helps USA a lot building a great navy in the Pacific and challenging Japan across entire Ocean. So it is a time race, can Japan break the Asian lands before USA breaks Japan?

    I like Russia having more offensive units and much more possibilites in the beginning of the game.

  • @Amon-Sul:

    Is this version a recognition of some kind that those 20 Soviet units in the Far East are too much?

    Most already came home in 1942.

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    Does the Russo-Japan, Mongolian thing apply to the 42 setup as well?

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    1942 setup starts with Russia and Japan at war. However the rule remains untrggered.


    …if Japan attacks any Soviet-controlled territory that is adjacent to any Mongolian territory, all Mongolian territories that are still strict neutral or pro-Allies… are placed under the control of the Soviet Union at the end of Japan’s Conduct Combat phase… This occurs regardless of the state of relations between the Soviet Union and Japan at the time of the attack, with one exception: If the Soviet Union attacks Korea or any Japan-controlled territory bordering these Mongolian territories while Mongolia is still a strict neutral…


    The Mongolian Rule was unclear to us. In both games we played that Soviet’s could enter China and participate in defensive battles since they are at war with Japan. However, if they attacked the Japanese first or invaded a Japanese territory then the Mongolians would never mobilize.

    Any other views on this?

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    The Russo-Japan rules are the same as 2nd edition.  As you first quoted.  It is not a simple “who attacks first” question.  It’s WHERE they attack.

    If Russia attacks Manchuria, Korea, or Kansu-Suiyuyan-Char Char-Jehol (if the Japanese have conquered them and not attacked Russia on a Tibet-bordering TT) FIRST, they do not get Tibet.
    HOWEVER, Russia CAN send units into China, as that is not attacking Japan.  They can attack Japan within China EXCEPT for the Tibet bordering territories listed above.

    If Japan attacks Amur or Timguska (meaning they went through all of China first before attacking) FIRST, then Russia DOES get Tibet.
    HOWEVER, Japan can attack Novosibirsk, Kazakhstan, (and any territory West) amphib Siberia & Soviet Far East without triggering Tibet becoming Russian.

    In sum:  ask “Does it touch Tibet?”  If Yes:  The first attacker will trigger the rule, convert to Russian during NCM if you are Japan, make it true neutral if you are Russian

  • '16

    You mean Mongolia, not Tibet.

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