Germany powerful plunge into Russia

  • Depending on what the Soviet player does on their first turn will matter slightly, sinking the American and British transports on the first German turn will allow tons of time to march all tanks and men straight into the heart of Russia,dont forget to take care of Africa aswell leave Southern Euroupe empty. If the Soviet player doesn’t place a really strong defensive gathering in the capital between 25 to 30 infantry than you can fight your way into the capital and still strike with an overwhelming force within turn 3 the game will be decided on this very large battle.The British may be able to aid them with only a couple of fighters by this time so if the Soviet forces can be crushed than you have only a weak UK to contend with. Ofcourse you forces in the Soviet captial may not be a force at all when the battle is over but the Soviet capital will fall. To plunge everything land based into Russia should allow you to dictact what the Soviet player does. If they take Finland on the first turn then victroy is almost certain.

  • Well, throwing everything into Russia might work, but I think its riskier than you envision. It is very difficult for Germany to take Karelia early unless everything is thrown at it. In that case, the remaining German armor is vulnerable to a UK, USA, USSR triple counter attack before any reinforcements may arrive. This is so because there Germany did not sink the UK, USA fleet at a low cost while the opportunity existed AND THIS OPPORTUNITY WILL NEVER EXIST AGAIN WITH DECENT ALLIED PLAY. This effectively speeds up the allied reinforcement of Russia, and makes the defense of the rest of Europe very thin and will probably remain so the rest of the game.

    Even if Russia falls to Germany, under this scenario the allies are not out of the game (assuming 82 ipc are not taken). Europe is left defenseless with very little counter attack potential by Germany as everything has gone into Russia. France, E. Europe, Karelia may be taken almost immediately by good allied players (perhaps even before Moscow falls :o !!!). How then will Germany protect both Berlin, Moscow, and Rome :-? ? Berlin must immediately be reinforced as without the capital, the game is over for Germany. Germany must also reinforce Moscow from a possible Allied attack through Karelia, at least until Japanese troops can arrive to reinforce (else what has been gained)? This leaves very little $ available for attack casualties to retake France or E. Europe, even with the money gained from Russia, but Germany must do so to protect Italy.

    In games I have played, as Germany I will build first until the point is reached where the allies start to send troops into Karelia via Finland. This is when I decide to take Karelia (but only with good play by Japan) to prevent a combined allied defenses (fighters excepted of course). The reason I do this is because Germany starts out with a larger economy than Russia, and the German economy grows (via African $) while the Russian economy shrinks (via Japanese victorys in Asia). Germany must present the maximum LONG TERM threat to Karelia/Moscow to allow Japan to conquer most of Russia. Then Germany and Japan must crush Russia between them. IMHO, this is the best scenario for an Axis win.

    Any other thoughts on this?

  • Taking karelia is like suicide… It leaves your whole eastern front open, and if karelia is taken back, then Germany is screwd!

  • ive tried this once or twice before, and both times germany got burned. the brits did nothing but buy INF the entire time, so when i was ready to attack the UK they had +40 INF. meanwhile, the US just started building trannies and fighters and shipped them over, my luftwaffe was able to take out the trannies every turn, but their fighters kept taking out mine. eventually i lost my luftwaffe while trying to build trannies to attack the UK. soon the US trannies started bridging UK INF over to E/Eur and took Germany. the only way this can be accomplished is with a strong N/American presence by Japan to distract the US. which is rare in its own right.

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    It is possible, but unlikely. I think the key would be to hold Karelia, and Skandinavia until the US and Britain are able to start landing troops in Skandinavia then if the germans are stronger yuo could pull back to Russia with the intent of counteratacking Karelia with all allies in order UK,US then USSR. If the US and Britain can retake Karelia then Russia can push into Eastern Europe.

  • I was playing with MuthaRussia and he trapped me…But Japan gave the final blow!

  • If you weren’t dumb, and chose to buy 5 tanks that wouldn’t have happened! :roll:

  • Well if you would ever want to finish the stupid game and not quit it might have been different. :evil:

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