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Global 42 Quicker, faster

  • Thanks for the pictures texasranger! 🙂

    oztea, I’m going to use your 1941 and 1942 set ups as well at some point. Variant set ups are very interesting! 🙂

  • I was excited when I first saw this but there is way too few units. I will try this out, but most likely I will be making some revisions. Too bad. I bet they playtested this as much as they tested 1914.  😞

  • Why is this in house rules? Isn’t it official?

  • I posted it in G40 topic but it got moved here.
    I don’t know why.

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    I see no official word from Larry. It looks like an Oztea setup and not anything Larry made.

  • Take a look here


    krieghund confirms that it is legit

    Yes, it’s legit, but there are some errors in the post that need to be corrected, most notably the turn order.

    So it is like alpha 1 of G42

  • It could be something Greg “asked” to run at his event.
    Wrote himself, submitted for approval, and got rubber stamped.

    Larry himself would probably have made some noise about this if he had any hand in it.

    On a related note, an updated and permanant thread (that I’ll update) for my 1941 setup.

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    The changed turn order means for the first time in an A&A game, the Axis cannot prevent the Canadians landing in the UK or the 4 US units landing in North Africa.
    The two German Subs in the Atlantic are sitting dead too and the UK can build 30 IPCs of Home Fleet to cover the Scapa Flow Battleship.

    I find the turn order weird.
    If Japan goes before UK, who is to stop them running riot too?
    That US Solomons fleet is dead and the Japanese Carrier and Battleship off Borneo will survivd to fight another day and not get hit by a combined UK/Anzac one two.

  • TripleA

    Ah found the turn order on here.

    Let me know how it plays out. Not an appealing map to me and I am not interested in being a guinea pig again.

    You would think the NOs would change.

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    I have prepped Japan’s go and am waiting on my friend doing Russia’s go.
    I have decided not to be too aggressive with Japan. Will assault Solomons’ fleet and prepare for next turn. Are only 2 Japanese Transports and neither can reach Celebes and I want to cut the Allies’ income down a notch and get my first NO(need Celebes).

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    They should call this Allies crush Axis…. one look at the eastern front under this set up and I can see Germany is going to get crushed.

  • I’m trying to judge this in the context it was made; speedier play in tournaments.

    Even in that light, one very important thing has changed from 1940: starting units relative to production. After the massacre of Germans on the eastern front R1, Germany has little left to bring against the USSR except what they build. However, Russia is building as well. It looks like Germany doesn’t have the starting units to sustain any kind of push anytime soon in the game that they did in 1940, but the objectives are the same and Russian production is effectively the same.

    I don’t think letting Germany go first in this setup would be devastating to balance at all. (I played a variant of original Europe once where Germany’s first turn was to decide whether or not to retreat or try and hold Stalingrad. It was a lot of fun, and a similar starting decision here (although I know it’s earlier than that) would be cool too).

  • I played a game and Germany did OK. it has a massive air force and you don’t need to waste it on British ships because there aren’t any.
    japan is really strong in this version. India makes 10 ipc per turn and has barely no units. USA must go KJF. So Germany and Italy are left alone against UK and  USSR.
    Russia will get back stabbed by Japan easily.

    You can read my session report that I will post soon.

  • @vonLettowVorbeck1914:

    I don’t think letting Germany go first in this setup would be devastating to balance at all.

    Except for the ~1/3rd chance at a Russia takeover on G1!  Not good for tourney play, or non-tourney play.

  • TripleA

    In revised I used to roll tech round 1 and if I got LRA I would try to conquer london. It worked a few times. 🙂

  • @P-Unit:


    I don’t think letting Germany go first in this setup would be devastating to balance at all.

    Except for the ~1/3rd chance at a Russia takeover on G1!  Not good for tourney play, or non-tourney play.

    Good point. That’s easily fixable though

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