• I have been playing 4 -5 games with my friend and everytime the Axis won the game (we alternated). Are we playing the allies the wrong way ?

    Any advices on opening moves and general strategy for Allies ?

    What to do with US ? We usually build fleet to invade Germany.

    With UK ? Very hard to do something. Fleet always destroyed on first turn, thus preventing to build decent fleet with transports without being destroyed by either german fleet or aircraft… What about India ?

    Russia seems to usually be out very soon as Japan comes from the other side…

  • First off you need a bid. I know this might be discouraging because you will be adding pieces to the Out of Box set up, but without a bid the allies are in very poor shape. I recomend a 9 bid for allies. Look at the bid thread for this edition on what you should do with your bid purchase and place.

    The allies can do a lot of different strategies, but the important thing to remember is that you should go all out for that strategy. For instance if you are trying to go KJF, and UK killed Japans AC BB and 2 figs, then don’t spend 50% of US’s money in both theaters. Spend all 100% of your money in the pacific against Japan. The same works the other way when going KGF. The two key important areas for the allies through out the first 3-6 turns will be India and West Russia. Make sure you can hold West Russia as long as possible. What I mean by hold is that you have a giant stack of units that Germany can’t attack and defeat. Holding India really depends on what strategy you are going for. If you are going all out against Japan you should be able to hold India for 4 turns at least, unless Japan made a mistake and spent too much of his income on transports and ground forces. You should pull out of India when

    1. Moscow will fall in 3 more German turns. Example would be it is UK turn 4 and on Germany’s turn 7 you see that Moscow has no chance to hold, but with the 10+ units from India reinforcing Moscow the turn before Germany will be able to attack should swing the battle greatly in your favor.

    2. India will fall to Japan on Japans next turn. This will likely happen on T4 or T5. An agressive Japan might be able to take it on T3, but that is very unlikely.

    3. Lastly, if there is a more favorable place for your fighters to be at the end of your turn, then give up India to Japan.

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