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  • Dean has it. He has no chance of winning, but he has it. Problem is, you have the radical democrats all voting for dean, then the other 70% split between 8 candidates.

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    Will you be able to vote in the election Yanny? Not that it matters to me, I’m just currious, I can’t remember how old you are.

  • Unfortunately, I’ll be 17.5 in November.

  • I’ll be voting. Proud of it too. :P

    Dean might have the nomination, but I don’t think he’ll unseat dubya. If you’ve listened to what he says, not only recently, but go way back…sometimes it’s unsettling some of the views he’s expressed. That’s not to say that Bush hasn’t made similar remarks, but I don’t think that Dean will be able to carry enough votes to beat an incumbent President. However, that’s just my two-cents, and as usual I could be wrong. :wink:

  • Which primary? There are a variety of State primaries, caucuses and straw polls. I beleive Dean or Clark will be the Dem candidate.

  • of all the dem candidates, i dislike Dean and Clark the most. but personally, I dont care if one of them becomes the Democratic candidate, because at this point, I cant see either of them winning the presidential election.

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