Want to Buy New Style A&A Chips

  • I would like to buy the gray and green new style chips.  These are the chips that came with the A&A Spring 1942 2nd Edition game.  They have Axis & Allies in the center.  Please let me know if you have any to sell or trade.

  • ive been waiting for somebody on here for months to do this & the only  one who was interested was meinfuher and he dropped off the planet the day he was getting the game shipped to em and was goin to trade.i want a second batch to use for global but dont want to buy a 2nd copy just for chips

  • A&A chips
    all i know are uncle chips
    if you search them
    they are salty

  • If u still want chips u can get them on HBG in half bags for 3.95 while supplies last…i picked up enough so I can play global 40 with them and still have the ones from 42 2E to use for that game.u need about 72 or so grey chips for the global 2E setup (using greens and reds where applicable)not counting any of the neutral armies.and doubling up with peices instead of chips in some areas.

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