Shapeways question for Coachofmany

  • Hi Doug.  I was looking at your shapeways model, especially the Kaga.  How does the size of these compare with regular A&A pieces.  For example, how long is the shapeways Kaga compared to either the Akagi from A&A41 or the usual Shinano from the other A&A games?  Or are these scaled for the A&A miniatures and not really meant to use with the regular A&A pieces?

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    Good news and better news for you! The good news is that the ShapeWays ships are scaled for War At Sea (1/1800) and Nav War (1/2400). This makes them about 6" long or more. The BETTER NEWS is these 3d models were made for the Japan sets we are producing and will be included in the upcoming Battle Pieces sets for Japan! Coach is nearly done modeling all the pieces we need for Japan so production is just around the corner now.

  • Excellent!  Thanks for the reply.  It appears that the Kaga is going to have the proper flying flight deck instead of the molded together mass WOTC made of their Akagi deck.  The big struts holding up the deck and the resulting cavern created underneath between it and the ship’s lower structure always appealed to me.

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