South Carolina starts the Civil War today in 1861

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    On the morning of 12th April 1861 Confederate Artillery started shelling the Union held Fort Sumter in Charleston harbour. South Carolina had seceded over 100 days before, but the garrison commander, a slave holding Kentuckian Artillery Major by the name of Robert Anderson, had refused the State’s calls to surrender.
    When it appeared that a relief attempt, due on the 14th, would save the starving garrison the Confederate Commander got permission from his Secretary of War to open fire. The fort was unable to properly return fire, as its guns were mostly armed with anti-ship ammo and not designed for counter battery fire. Major Anderson surrendered the next day after a 34 hour siege. He and his men were feted as heroes on their return North. He had been allowed to keep the Fort’s 33 Star flag.
    Two years later Federal forces tried to take the Fort and failed. It only fell in the last months of the war when General Sherman captured the city.
    Anderson did not have a successful post Sumter military career, despite promotion to Brigadier and retired in 1863, dying in France in 1871. He is now buried at West Point.

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    But how could the south have started it if it is called the “War of northern aggression”?  mock innocent expression

    Thanks again for more tidbits from the history bin!  Always interesting and educational!

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    Morning Malachi.
    I am glad you can sift the truth from my writing.
    Damn Yankees starting another war (or bombing these days).
    When will they learn?

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    Morning Cromwell. Thank you for your time on this thread.
    I have enjoyed reading all you have posted.

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