• If I take Southern France on G1 but do not attack the French ships in 93, do those ships convoy disrupt in the collect income phase of G1? Thanks

  • Yes, they do.

  • Thanks, that sucks

  • no problem.  they can only make you lose 3 IPCs though- and the french ships shouldn’t last long.

  • Fair enough, but I have never played a game of 1940 where the French ships in the med have survived until the French turn.

  • Who takes out the French ships? Italy? If Germany were to take Southern France, wouldn’t the convoy get calculated at the collect income phase of Germany’s turn?

  • Yes, Italy usually takes the French ships out with what remains of their fleet- so Germany does lose income from Southern France due to convoy.

  • You could always take out those ships with German Air in round 1.

    Depends on what your game is.

  • Hey guys, just wondering! Lets say a UK ship is in a convoy zone with several contries Italy/German, does it raid both german and italy in their income fase ? Or does it have 2 choose ?


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    If Italy and Germany both have territories bordering a sea zone with a convoy raid symbol (like Sea Zone 97) then the Allied ships will hit both of them during their collect income phases.

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    Fair enough, but I have never played a game of 1940 where the French ships in the med have survived until the French turn.

    Have you ever played the BJ Card?

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    Fair enough, but I have never played a game of 1940 where the French ships in the med have survived until the French turn.

    They can survive quite frequently. Depends on how Taranto goes and what’s left in 97. If not too much than Italy can even wipe sz97 out which is great because the convoy damage in 97 is way worse than Southern France.
    And even if the ships survive, the will usually not ends its turn at Southern France.

    However, I do not think taking Southern France G1 is a great idea because it a) does not bring 3 IPCs for sure and b) dilutes the France attack which can result in significantly less survivors there (And at least I want my mech Inf March East G2 and the slow units already as defenders).  However, still many good player are doing it and it gives you the chance to build ships in the med G2 (also questionable if this would not just weaken your pus to Russia but alternative strategies are refreshing often^^

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    I prefer it to taking Normandy, as it it restricts the French naval units to a 2 SZ move and not 3, which would mean they can reach Egypt.
    I realise I might be losing 3 to Convoy, but that does not worry me. I want a Med base for Germany and I send my Italian units into the Balkans, usually with my surviving TT.
    I eliminate the French Navy if I can spare the Italian units and invariably, I can.

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    Personally, I think the Mediterranean Sea is the most unpredictable and strategist friendly environment on the entire board. I would rather play Italy than Russia in a 6 player game (yes… I know Gargantua, but that was over a year ago when I got diced and neutralized in the Med… let it go bro).

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    By the way, you only lose 2 IPCs through the convoy raid in sea zone 93: 1 for the cruiser and 1 for the destroyer.

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    on average

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    on average

    Okay, you guys are talking about where you roll the dice for convoy damage, right? I forgot about that. We use the old system where you simply deduct 1 IPC per each surface warship (excluding carriers) and 2 IPCs for each submarine or carrier based aircraft. We also use the optional rule where German subs can deduct 3 IPCs.
    We don’t like the idea of rolling for convoy damage, particularly if you get more than a 3, you don’t do any damage.

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    I liked that system too Knp.

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