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An Irish Holiday…

  • I've been reading a lot about Napoleon Bonaparte and am wondering–has anybody tried taking over Ireland as Germany early in the game? It is a "named island" and therefore available to land on. You could theoretically use it as a cheap CV in the Atlantic, and an IC there, while expensive, could be used to augment the defense. Best part would be that its not adjacent to Karelia! Please give me your thoughts...


  • There's usually no point in taking Eire. It offers no IPC value and forces you to pay the usual 3 IPC's in order to take it. Terrian wise, Western Europe is in the exact same position as Eire and much more valuable and eaiser to defend. Then you have the problem of actaully taking over Eire, which is almost impossible with the amount of Allied fighters and bombers in the Atlantic.

  • That, and if you have to troops and the transports, why not just take out Great Britian before the allies destroy your navy.



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