• @Panzersatsen:

    Whenever I play A&AE, the game is almost always decided in one way or the other at the time when the outcome has been decided.

    Is it me, or is that sentence redundant? Anyway, I wouldn’t say the “best” way, just the way that fits your style of playing.

  • That sentence is highly redundant.
    The “almost always” seems to be pretty stupid in there as well.

  • Sorry. My thoughts went ahead of my writing, so it became a bit garbled.

    What I was going to say was, that for me the game is almost always decided at the time when the US gets seriously into the action.

  • I would say the landing in France or Germany is the ultimate priority.

    Along the way, US needs to:

    send Ftrs to SOV,

    help UK open the convoys,

    harrass in the Med only to the extent that it doesn’t detract from the weight of the pending D-Day invasions,

    and maybe strategic bomb – if Axis doesn’t have more than 1 or 2 Ftrs in Germany and there are no other opportune targets for the Bmrs.

    The UK and US really are in supporting roles until the main event of D-Day. Even if they are pressing Axis hard by opening up Scandinavia, putting up a fight across North Africa, and maybe hitting Italy. The real contest most of the time – and the real ticking clock in the game – is on the ground between SOV and Axis: how many turns until Moscow is under the gun.

  • I attack africa on turn 1 but after that I send fighters to leningrad!

  • Only buy bombers and atrat-bomb germany. Germany will not keep up against the russians when their total income is low

  • First job - clear convoys, second job - prepare D-DAY force.

    Other options as time and resources permit, not neccessarily in this order:

    Invade N. Africa and threaten Italy, or head right for ME.
    Invade Norway and try to get troops to Moscow before the Germans.
    Send air units to Moscow whenever possible.

    The problem with trying to SBR Germany is that they can afford to keep fighters in Germany, and they can replace fighters if neccessary. That means bye-bye to your expensive bombers in short order. UK cannot afford to replace their airforce until late in the game, probably too late. If US wastes too much money on bombers, they don’t clear the convoys and they don’t put any real pressure on Germany. That is a sure way to lose as the allies, IMHO. 2 fighters and an AA gun can hold off, most likely destroy, any but the largest of bombing raids, ie. 5-6 bombers, or more. That is way too much money blown on the wrong war materials. 6 bombers cost 90 IPCs, which could buy a lot of transports and passengers…

  • How do you get your fighters to Leningrad so quickly? Do you stop in England along the way?

  • In my opinion you always need to keep up that threat of two ways to attack, Britain is highly underestimated by Germany… and without American support its not really that far from the truth. Britain can SURVIVE alone, really, but it cant threaten Germany by its self. I think you should always have the Americans heading towards France, and then from France head towards Italy, all the way being supported by British forces. It seems like Russia cannot sustain a constant war against Germany if there is no Western ground force threat. US should do everything it can to have a balanced force, Air force, Ground… but no matter what, threaten Germany.

    It is my experience that it is America’s job to punch into Germany, because once its industrie gets going it is a serious attack upon Germany. Thats just my two cents :)

  • Given that it is possible for American troops to make landfall in Morocco in the first two turns, American can attack Italy and then Germany with a Southern D-Day. If Britain takes care of the northern German sea power, it can attempt to land in France while American takes over Italy. It’s just an idea, so if you don’t want to take a risk, I’d just go with America’s historic role: give money, planes, to Britain, land in France.

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