Portland, Maine

  • Are there any players interested in forming the beginnings of a Portland, Maine Axis & Allies Players club.  Could host different games at different times.  It would be cool for the group to be inclusive of new people who would like to learn the game and may only have played a few times before.  Competition in this case takes the back seat to enjoying one another’s company as well as a good game.  I have researched and have found none in this area of Maine with any kind of internet footprint.  So I think it is high time to start a club.  Any takers?

  • I might possibly be interested I live near Lewiston.

  • There’s no way I could make any f2f games (I have a family and demanding job), but I thought you’d be interested to know I live in the Dover Foxcroft area  🙂

    Keep me in mind if you ever host any larger events. Infrastructure from this site lives in Maine as well, but is more central coastal.

  • I would be into that I live in Standish

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