• How long are your games taking?

    I’ve had one go 23 turns, with another going now that looks like it will be at least 17 turns. By the time those games end the war with Russia seems like just a precursor to the actual game! Those are both CP wins, or what looks like will be a 2nd CP win anyway. The two Allies wins we had were significantly shorter. So I’m wondering, are we way off base here, or in line with others are experiencing?

  • Played 16 turns for a CP victory in our first game.


  • Wow, two CP victories?  I have a hard time seeing how the CPs can feasibly win.  What was the strategy in your game?

  • The CP strategy has been the same in each of these games, but it certainly hasn’t been sunshine and rainbows.

    A1:Purchased one fighter along with inf and art for first buy. Sent full Trieste army to Serbia, moved Tyrolia army to Trieste, and Bohemia to Tryolia. All other armies consolidate in Galicia. Leaving Romania alone…

    A2:Pretty much same purchases as A1, as the Russians have consolidated in Ukraine for both games before falling back to Moscow, Austrian army held in Galicia and moved first purchases up to meet them. Germany also held in Poland which they took in G1, as their forces from Berlin and Hanover consolidated. The Austrians send the fighter they purchased on A2 east to fight the Russians, all remaining efforts turn west.

    Romania is left to the remaining forces in Serbia and the Ottomans for now. It is vital one of those forces contest Romania so those forces cannot move into Budapest. This does leave Austria rather vulnerable and it came very close to falling in each of these games.

    G1: All navy purchase, 1 battleship, 1 cruiser, 2 transports, save 2 ipc’s. Full attack on main British navy with all German forces. As I already alluded to, Berlin and Hanover forces move east, all other forces move west, taking Belgium and Holland. The Germans mostly fight defensively from here until Russia falls. Deploy ships in SZ10. Full attack on Poland, consolidate on G2.

    G2: 1 fighter plus inf & art. Move battleship, cruiser and transports in SZ10 along with any remaining cruisers from the assault on the Brits to SZ12, destroy Russian battleship, amphibiously assault Karelia, picking up two inf units on the way. This is mostly to secure Karelia, so that future troops transports this way don’t have to worry about hitting mines. In both games, neither transport was hit in this initial assault.

    From here purchased ground units on G2 move east towards Russia. Subsequent purchases move west, but have 2 inf & 2 art shuttled east before they do. Austria and Germany consolidate forces in Ukraine, then throw everything at Russia. Both times this has completely wiped out the Austrian forces, and left a small German force by the time Russia fell. One game turn 5, one turn 6. All remaining German forces moved to Karelia to prevent the Brits from landing there.

    For the Ottomans, they have been able to take out India in both games, but it has taken a very long time. After turn 12 in each. The fall of India has been the point where each game has really felt like the tide has turned. I’m sure this is far from a perfect strategy, and has left Austria far vulnerable for my liking, but it has worked once, and I’d put the chances at winning this second one about 80% as the writing is on the wall.

  • When exactly did the Americans enter WW 1? Wasn’t that 1917? In game terms they enter on round 4. War should be almost over by then following the same logic, haha…

  • Crazy that the Ottomans took India- The British could simply buy 10 infantry there if they felt it was threatened…

  • I played 1 game, lasted 9 turns (6 hours), allied win.

    Being our first game, we didn’t know what we were doing, but the central power player even less =D Germany split its forces into russia, france and italy, austria also went russia and italy, while the ottomans went for egypt, india and russia all at once. Italy fell on turn 7, but USA took it back on turn 9. UK spent all of its income during the entire game in india, and france, left pretty much alone after fighting back the first german stack, started moving into central europe and finished the game with an income of 50+, contesting berlin. The revolution almost happened 2 times, but the UK (huge) relief force saved russia both times.

    So we learnt that this game is not europe 1940, and the central powers have to be really focused and cooperative on what they want to do. Still, several times during the game, especially early on, i looked at those large armies moving towards my capitals and felt really hopeless. It was the cp lack of focus that gave the allies time to stack up and survive.

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    5 turns our first game but only because it was late and a work night so we ended it with an assumed CP win (based on the way things were going).

    8 turns for our 2nd game this past weekend (http://iwngu.com/wordpress/2013/04/09/war-report-axis-and-allies-ww1-1914-a-second-time-around/) with a CP win (projected … within 2 turns it was absolutely going to be over).

  • @BJCard:

    Crazy that the Ottomans took India- The British could simply buy 10 infantry there if they felt it was threatened…

    They did that in a turn, and added quite a few other purchases to India. It only fell later in the game when the Ottomans were up to 30ish ipcs, were throwing everything at Inida, and the German push to the west demanded more and more British attention there. But this leads to what is almost an unbearably long game…

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    When exactly did the Americans enter WW 1? Wasn’t that 1917? In game terms they enter on round 4. War should be almost over by then following the same logic, haha…

    Well, in the real war, the Germans looked at their watch, saw it was 4 o’clock in the morning, saw stacks of Brit, French, and US tanks in France, and did what half of the players I read about do….gave up  😄

    I’ve found if one side or another wants to put in the time, turn 4-5 is not late enough to determine the end result of the game, especially if one side (cough, CP, cough) is able to refocus to one front instead of two.

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