• Lets say during turn one Germany attacks Poland and does not wipe out all of the Russians defending it; thereby creating a contrested territory.  First question, during the next turn the Austria Hungary player moves infantry into the territory, do they have to attack?  or can they just reinforce the Germans?

    Next question, if they attack and manage to wipe out the Russians who takes control of the territory (Germans or AH)?

    One more questions, lets say the Russians attack the AH and Germans and the Russians get wipeout, who would take control of the territory?


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    No; they can just reinforce

    Austria; they made the attack

    Russia: wipe-outs revert to original control

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    Russia: wipe-outs revert to original control

    Not in this case, as only the Russians were wiped out.  If the remaining units all belong to one power, that power takes control.  If there are units remaining from both powers, they decide between them who takes control, but it if they can’t decide the Russian player decides.

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    I thought he meant that both sides are wiped out.

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