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German fleet taking india in turn 3?

  • Germany in india in turn 3
    It happends once recently in a game I played in with some friends (RR).

    1. in turn 1,german build up in libia, and a english factory in india,
    2. in german turn 2 the battleship and 2 transports took egypt and persia.(and was not threatend from fighters in caucasus)
    3. england and japan battle each other a lot in the first 2 turns, leaving an weak India to take, with the mediterainan fleet, and a bomber from eastern europa And I couldn't resist.

    the game went on with the german fleet transfering infantery from india to africa for a while.

    I was just wondering if this has happend for someone else


  • Hmmm… never had a game with Germany taking India.

  • I did once and highly regretted it. Japan had attacked India, taken it, lost it taken it back…etc. They called on Germany (I, conqueror of Africa) to help and I took it myself w/ 2 ARM. Unfortunately, Japan chose not to reinforce me and the USSR took India back. Japan took India AGAIN and begged me to land a FTR for defense and I did. They promptly moved OUT and left my precious FTR to die alone. Needless to say I never played alongside this guy again--at least while he was Japan.




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