Playing TripleA global 2nd edition and noticed Strategic bombing only did 1-6dmg

  • It should be 1-6+2.

    I just downloaded the game this weekend. Thanks for all the hard work to get this up and running.
    Now if I could just remember to drop my men off the transport when doing amphibious assault.

  • Customizer

    TripleA actually does do (1-6) + 2.  Just because you rolled a 3 or w/e, doesn’t mean it isn’t.

    How it works:

    Behind the scenes, 1-6 die is rolled.  +2 is added onto it to create a “diceroll” object that is effectively a 3-8 die.

    That diceroll object is then shown to you in the combat window as an actual ‘die’.  That is why you can sometimes see dice rolls of “8”.

    You can go confirm this right now: use edit mode to give yourself 99 bombers.  Go bomb some factory. 
    You will see all dice rolls on the screen are 3-8.  And all corresponding dice rolls from the dice email server are 1-6.

  • okay thanks….I noticed it said I rolled a 3 and did 3 damage not 1+2. Thanks for the quick response.

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