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Everyone's short on pieces, what about boards?

  • Since this game seems to be shortest on pieces of all the A&A games I can remember buyig, I have already shelled out some dough for pieces separate from my initial purchase of the game.

    Then I started to wonder, with a game like this where there is such a high demand for additionaly pieces, but each person needs at most 2 boards (I might want to have one as a backup in case of damage, but w/e), what happens to all the boards? I don’t see them being sold, except on ebay. But I don’t see the retailers selling those.

  • One could get a rules download, get different colored pieces that look similar from other AAA games and hand them out as tryout games to newbies with excellent map, piece containers, game box and odd looking but functional pieces.  If one is feeling benevolent, throw in some dice. 🙂

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