DK's Strategic Bombing Rules - submitted for your review

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    I think you should play some games of G40 on here before making these assumptions.
    I do, and I see many SBR involving fighters.
    Germany sometimes will send 5 or more bombers on Moscow alone, where Moscow has 2-3 fighters to scramble. Odds are better that Russia will lose a fighter before Germany loses a bomber in the air combat. And  Il trade a German bomber for a Russian fighter, Russia can’t afford it.
    I also see many games where G2 Germany sends 2 bombers 2-4 tac bombers and 2-4 fighters to London where there are sometimes up to 5 fighters that can scramble.
    Italy will also heroically send its lone bomber to London in an attempt to disable the airbase on London before Germany’s turn.

    Even with interceptors SBR is a touch too powerful in G40.
    This is mainly because bombers are getting +2, meaning 1 bomber auto disables bases and minor facilities once past AA and interceptors.

    I would propose taking away bombers +2, while halving tacbombers damage.
    Bombers SBR at 1D6
    Tacbombers SBR at 1D6 /2. Rounded up.

    Now I better see why you wanted to give defending interceptor D2 instead of D1.

    Attacker have the advantage of picking which units will go SBR and to concentrate firepower on a single IC.

    The defenders are overwhelmed by the sheer number.
    In addition, on defense you have often more than just only 1 IC to protect, and you cannot keep all the Fgs in the same territory, have to split them usually.
    D2 interceptors can counterweight the advantage of attacker and hindrance of defense a bit.

    Reducing attacking bombers to only 1@1  for the whole group is also a way to preserved the defending fighters against destruction by a large number of StBs. But we both know, that is not A&A standard rules, each unit usually get 1 roll…

    …unless you treat StBs/TcBs the same way as AAA!!!. 😮
    So each defending Fgs can never have more rolled against them than 1A@1, if there is at least the same number of StB/TcBs vs Fgs.

    It can be rationalized to get an historical accuracy somehow in the way:
    intercepting fighters are not able to attack all groups of StBs/TcBs flying over the territory but only one unit (flight group) at a time.
    When interceptors fly around StBs they are under an intense and concentrated AA fire coming from the flying fortress. But all others group of StBs are not chasing actively Interceptors, they are just flying toward the IC/AB/NB target.
    So if interceptors are overwhelmed by the StBs/TcBs, it will be in essence 1:1 combat.
    1 TcBs A1 vs 1 Fg D2, all other additionnal StBs/TcBs cannot shoot anymore.
    In fact, all intercepting Fgs are already busy, other StBs/TcBs have pure and simple an open road toward IC or NB/AB.

    What do you think of this one?
    When StBs/TcBs attack fighters on SBR air combat, they get A@1 for each StB/TcB or intercepting Fgs wichever is less.

    Escorting fighter attack as usual, 1 unit get 1 roll.
    Based on 1942.2, I will keep @1 First Strike
    Based on G40 rule, if Interceptor has D1, then A1.

    (I really wonder why I haven’t think about it, even back in the old thread about StB spam strategy. :?)

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