• Hello all.  Sorry if this has been already been brought up before.

    Here’s my plan.  Turn 1 buy’s.        3 transports and 1 tech roll.
                              Turn 1 moves.      load up transports off the coast of asia with troops that are on the islands and head to japan.
                              Turn 1 deployment    put down 3 transports in Japan

    Turn 2  moves.  load up transports and move entire fleet to the Caroline’s

    Turn 3  combat move.  launch everything at Sydney

    With this move I’ll be able to land 12 units and have at least 3 ships to bombard.  What are your thought’s on this.

  • Could be good, but ANZAC and/or the US could use a blocking DD, so you may have to account for that.

  • Turn 3  combat move.  launch everything at Sydney

    BJCard is right about blocking with Anzac (The US ships don’t matter since you wouldn’t be declaring war on them.  US can only declare war on you AFTER you attack ANZAC which makes a block by them on J3 irrelevant).  Anzac could put the destroyer in sz 46 and the cruiser in sz 49.  This would make it so you couldn’t attack Sydney until J4.  If they leave it open though not expecting you to do it than it would work out pretty good.  You could be back at Java on J4 ready to do some damage to the DEI’s

  • It would be nice to get ANZAC out of the war though- but you have to watch out for the US being able to hit Queensland in one move from Hawaii.

  • I’ve looked at the pluses and minuses of taking a very weak ANZAC early.  These are my conclusions:

    The US fleet, if staged at Hawaii can easily trap your fleet.
    ANZAC doesn’t play a major role early on and doesn’t provide much strategic position.
    The money just isn’t there to make it worth it.

    You’re much better off denying the NO’s to keep Anzac at 10 IPC / round than actually trying to take them out.  They do their damage already with planes to reinforce other Allied moves, so theres little point in removing them from the game early.

    The same can pretty much be said about Hawaii - leaving Hawaii and/or Anzac as your final VP battle ground - not your first.

    Stick with China / Flip / India / DEI control early.

  • I agree Spendo02.

    The only time I would do it is if Anzac left me with a straight shot to Sydney.  Not to many players will allow that to happen unless they haven’t played much.  Once you take Sydney you get 7 ipcs a turn, can move to Java on the next turn, and US is two turns away from having a chance to take it back (if they are in Hawaii).  That placement of US navy could be dangerous as well if the whole Japanese navy is in the Carolines.  You also have to consider how many transports the US has.  By US3 have they bought any TT’s or are they comfortable with the two starting ones.  If Japan ends up taking sydney with 4 units left and then buy 3 more inf on the next turn, it could be tough for the US to take it over in 2 turns.  Japan could also land a few planes.

    All this to say is that Anzac would really have to make some huge mistakes in order for this to work out real good, otherwise, it really isn’t worth it.  Try to keep em at 10 ipcs a turn a take care of the places where the money is at (DEI’s).

  • A destroyer in 46 & 49 stops this.  You can use the ANZ crs to link up with UK fleet in the Islands.  Anzac 1 should be a destroyer if you even remotely think Japan is gonna try for Australia.

  • A destroyer in 46 & 49 stops this.  You can use the ANZ crs to link up with UK fleet in the Islands.

    That is why I stated that this could only happen with a huge Anzac mistake.  Very easy to stop and if it takes japan 2 turns to take the capital it is certainly not worth it.

  • the best Sydney strike I have seen is when Japan takes West Aus, lands planes on it next round, and sacks Sydney the round after.

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