• For the game we’ve been developing, it was a unanimous decision to go with the Battle of Britain instead of D-day. Although fun for the Allies, D-Day simply would have been unbalanced. Germany would be on the defensive for the remainder of the game (as what really happened). We’re going with a setup around August 1940 (using AAE pieces). We need a general ratio of ships/fighters etc. between UK and Germany. There was an idea not to have the U.S. enter until turn 3 or 4 IF London is not invaded. For a rough idea on the area of conflict go to:


    Keep in mind borders and port locations are still being tweaked. Visit the above link once and again for updates on the board itself. Again, anyone’s suggestions for unit placement or other game enhancements are more than welcome!

  • Looks awesome. I think you’d have to alter the range of bombers and fighters though.

  • Moderator

    map looks rad and you even have good handwriting :roll: 😉 :lol:

  • @Drumstix:

    Looks awesome. I think you’d have to alter the range of bombers and fighters though.

    Thanks…and you’re absolutely right about range as we have increased fighters to 6 and bombers to 8. This will permit german fighters from the Pas-de-Calais area to escort bombers into London for strategic bombing…On the other hand, UK bombers must be able to at least reach Netherland complexes; so a range of 10 for bombers? Though, have to put a limit on these things for realism…Ideas?

    p.s: It would be easier if I posted the map image here. Is this allowed or just links?

  • Thunder: Excellent work! That map is awesome!

    Is there a battle of France element to the game?

  • 2007 AAR League

    Looks very good Thunder 😄 😄 😄 ! Will we be able to buy the game when it is done? If so, where? Thank you for your work!

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