Rules/Programing issues with TripleA Classic Maps

  • Veqryn,

    I am new to the tripleA system, I have played in AAWC since the 90’s. This league as you know is mostly Classic using the Hasbro CD.

    I have since moved over here for a few reasons but I do enjoy playing the Classic game. I have downloaded the classic maps you created and installed them. I have noticed however there are some issues with the game play that do not follow Classic rules.

    Subs: The subs are programed to work like Axis and Allies Revised edition on TripleA which do not follow AAWC’s rules that are based off Classic.


    Order of Attack in a Naval Battle Per TripleA

    Attacker Subs Fire
    Defender Removes Hits
    Defending Subs Fire
    Attacker Removes Hits
    Attackers Rolls
    Defender selects hits
    Defender Fires
    Attacker Selects hit
    Units are removed

    In the TripleA program all subs fire both defending and attacking, any hits are removed, then the rest of the battle is rolled.

    Another Example: Germany does an amphibious assault into Egypt R1. When the German BB and Tranny move into the E Med the UK Sub (even though its defending) fires FIRST before the German BB. This is wrong according to the Classic Rules.

    Classic Rules, Page 19 NAVAL COMBAT " 1. Place all units on the battle board, 2. Attacking subs fire, 3. Submarine casualties are removed, 4. Attacker Fires All other Units"

    Revised Edition Rules Page 32 “Sneak Attack: Submarines always fire in the opening fire step, whether on attack or defense. They can fire only on sea units. Casualties from this attack will be destroyed before they can return fire, unless an enemy destroyer is present. (Any sea or air unit can hit a submarine.)”

    As you can see this rule was changed in Revised. To make these map truly “Classic” this needs to be adjusted within the TripleA programing.


    You can not split your drops. This is allowed in Classic and Changed in Revised.

    TripleA will not let you pick up units and unload them on noncombat if the tranny was used in combat. You can ONLY load them, you cannot unload them that round. (Example: North Sea R1 Germany attacks with 2 subs, tranny and all its air, the Tranny lives. You can not pickup units in Finland and drop them in WE on noncombat even though its allowed in Classic Rules, Revised Rules its an illegal move)

    These are just a few things I have discovered thus far.

    BTW, so far I like what I see. Great work. I posted such on the thread you started in AAWC.

  • Customizer

    Can you please repost this here:

    I was not aware that people still played Classic.  The few times I’ve tried to help people at AAWC in their “lobby”, I’ve been told to f–- off by some of them.

  • V,

    Please dont take those “f–- off’s” by some as a voice from AAWC. The War Zone serve used by those playing in AAWC on the Hasbro CD is not owned by AAWC. The War Zone server is owned and controlled by a privet party (i believe someone from the Risk Lobby).

    We can not control who comes into the War Zone, only those allowed to be members of the AAWC club. There are several players in the War Zone who are not active members of AAWC.

    I will post my comments on the thread you posted, thank you for all you do.



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