My 3rd playtest Turns 1-8 review

  • Turn 1 Review

    Well the factory in Munich really adds an intimidation factor for France. I found myself holding most of my units on defence, where I went on the attack without the Munich factory. The added cruiser to the Austrian navy really helps them hold their own in the Mediterranean. I feel who ever attacks first will get lots of casualties. Russia is faring well against the CP because most of Austria went towards Italy. � I would give the edge to the CP’s after turn 1. No need to go into much detail about turn 1. Most of you guys know all the opening moves by now.

    Turn 2 Review

    Germany is winning in the Western front and Italy is being pushed into Tuscany (both northern TT taken). � Ottomans are winning in the Middle-east. Germany is about even in the Battle for Africa. With the sinking of the Austrian navy, I feel that will put a little more pressure on Austria’s southern TT’s. It will also be harder to keep supplies coming in for the Assault on Rome. I feel the Axis needs to capture Rome and be close to Paris before USA enters the war. Russia is holding its own against the CP’s but it will fall in 2 turns. Turn 3 Review

    The Germans are at the Gates of Paris but are running low on troops. I don’t feel I will be able to capture it before US A comes to war. I was also at the gates of Rome but they destroyed the Austrian army in Tuscany. It will take me 2-3 turns to get within range of Rome. The Ottomans are kicking serious but right now are have a solid 26 IPCS. They are 3 turns from taking India and then they will be able to go cash in on some needed African IPC’s. The Russians are still holding ground, but since Poland fell, Moscow will soon be in ruins. I will try to avoid a Revolution so I can capture Moscow for the Victory city. Allies have been beaten thus far, but I don’t know if they can keep the steam against the USA troops arriving turn 5. They will be able to land a solid 12 troops into northern Europe or the Balkans. I feel they would be better used to protect Rome and to play with Ottomans. We will see how the next German turn goes before I make an rash decisions on USA placement.

  • Turn 4 Review:

    The CP’s are at the gates of Moscow but a revolution will occur before I will be able to take the city. That means they will have to capture Rome and Paris. At this rate, I don’t believe they will capture Paris. Rome will be taken in 2 turns by Austria. However, Germany is very thin on the Western front and USA has 12 troops in route to Belgium. I don’t see the Germans holding off USA, UK, and France. On the other hand, the ottomans have 26 IPCS and are kicking the crap out of the Russians and Indian troops. UK has been forced to build navy and has all but abandoned building troops for India. Bombay will be taken in 2 turns. I wish this counted as a victory city. Because the CP’s would be well on their way to victory. I don’t know if I should attempt to build an ottoman navy to try and take some IPCS from Africa. This would really slow down the UK and might allow me to get the upper hand on the Western Front. It is all up in the air at the moment, and we will have to see how the US troops fair against  the battle hardened German troopers.

    Turn 5 Review:

    The Germans are all pushed back to their borders (with the exception of Switzerland). They still have 44 IPCS, but they are now fighting USA, UK, and France in the Western front. Austria is still stuck in Tuscany with little chance for that to change (super slow supply lines from Vienna on land). The Ottomans seem to be the only Cp’s doing any work (due to the fact that UK can’t afford to supply India).  I feel the game will be over for with an allied win in 3-4 turns. Even with the factory in Munich, and the extra cruiser for Austria , the supply lines were still too slow for Germany and Austria. The only thing that will make sense is some sort of rail system. I mean, come on I had France begging for mercy (they were crying in their homes). However, troops ran low and I had to halt my offensive. Now the Americans have come to save the day. It seems to be a trend. Right as the Germans are getting ready to crush the French; the Americans jump in and thwart it all. It is also near to impossible to invade UK. If the UK wanted, they could spend all their money on navy and still not allow Paris to fall. Supply lines are too slow and it pisses me off. The central powers have no chance of winning. Making Russia revolt is very easy for the Central powers. Other than that, everything is all uphill for the allies.

  • More turns coming soon….

  • **Turn 6 Review: **

    The Allies are winning, but the Germans have more men than I counted on. I’ve been slowly building the German navy up the past 4 turns (4 BB, 1 Cruiser). The UK fleet of 2 BB, 2 cruisers, 1 sub attacked this turn and the Germans won the battle with 2 surviving BB. I think this is a good sign for the CP’s. The Ottomans have a force of 5 men in Egypt and are only opposed by 2 remaining French troops in Africa. They will have some easy IPCs the next few turns. Meanwhile, Burgundy is still being contested and Belgium is held pretty firmly by UK and US troops. I will have to allow some of my reserve Germans to come up the lines. India is now being contested by the Turks and it will fall turn 7. Russia revolted this turn, so now my Germans and Ottoman troops can slowly make their way back towards the Western front (they won’t see any more action this game). Rome is still holding its ground as the Austrians are still having supply difficulties. I did, however, force the Italian navy out of Trieste port by building navy with the Ottomans. This allowed the Austrians to build 1 sub, 1 cruiser, 1 transport. They will now be able to transport more men into Tuscany. I have more hope the CP’s after turn 6 then I did for turn 7. This is due in part mainly because the victories at sea. We still have a game on our hands people. The USA will not be able to bring any sizable force until 3 turns. This may by the Germans enough time to take Paris. If they don’t take Paris by 3 turns it is all but over.

  • very interesting game, keep going.  I want to hear me.  you got me hooked.  lol

  • Could you clarify a bit what the munich factory exactly is? Does it produce only max of 4 per turn?

  • Yes max of 4 units, and India has a max of 4 units

  • @Siris101:

    Yes max of 4 units, and India has a max of 4 units

    Do the British usually build more than 4 units in India in your experience so far?  I’m not sure they really need to with the Western Front more pressing in the early game.

  • Well BJcard, I just sacked Bombay with my Turks on turn 7. My first game, I built more than 4 due to the fact that the Allies ruled the seas. This game Germany is keeping up in naval power.

    Check this out

    Turn 7 Review:

    Ok guys so right now the CP’s are making 118 IPC’s compared to the Allies 82. The Ottomans are straight kicking ass. Plus, the CP’s now control the Mediterranean sea. France and Italy haven’t had any money to build navy, and the USA has been stuck in Belgium for 2 turns. I think the best route for the USA is to land all its troops into Albania (assuming the allies control the Mediterranean). This would throw Austria off and maybe divert attention away from Italy. I will take Italy next turn due to Austria holding Tuscany and Turks holding Naples. Hint: if the Germans have lots of ICPs it is wise to build a BB per turn. I’ve done this twice and have sunk the UK navy (including around 8 transports). They haven’t had any real troops movements into France the whole game. The USA isn’t as scary as I had hoped. Sure they can bring lots of troops at once. However, they have about as much trouble supplying the fronts as Germany does. 2 turns there and 2 turns back for transports. The CP’s are in major control of Africa since Germany captured Egypt and allowed the Turks to move 3 inf and 2 art over. I then crushed the remaining French garrison. The Turks will get 12 new African IPCs over the course of 3 turns. I could allow some USA troops to go and contest Africa but I feel that would be a waste of manpower. The game is the CP’s to lose at the moment. France and USA are still holding up really well against Germany. However, once Rome falls, it will be a little easier to take Paris (with Austrian help). I might have just pulled out a CP win. Oh btw, the Turks just sacked Bombay. This seals the fate for the UK in my opinion.

  • I will post pictures of turns 2-the end after I finish the game. I forgot to take a picture after turn 1, but I’m sure you all know what turn 1 would look like anyways

  • Can you post an overview of the game so far- big picture how you got here?  You are the only person to see the CP’s threatening to win that I’ve seen.

    You say that the Ottomans have contested India, Germany took Cairo, and the CPs control the Med- how was this done? Things look bleak early for the Ottoman and especially in Africa and the Med (for the CPs).

    Are the CPs going to be able to get to Paris?

  • Well I didn’t send hardly any Austrian units to Russia, Germany and ottomans took them out. Also l, attacking turn 1 with the German fleet seems a bad move. It is better to keep it there and build a few more ships. I’ve sunk the UK navy twice.

    The UK couldn’t afford to place units in India so the ottomans had an easy time there. Also I was able to escape the UK with one infantry to take Egypt and allow ottomans to move in.  Since France has been threatened so much. They have only been building inf and art. No money for ships. This has allowed A-H and Tirks to get their navy back

    Check out my post in House rules forum. It has detailed turns of 1-5

  • Well, in the house rules you have given Germany the buff of the Munich factory, India nerfed to 4 units/turn and a couple extra CP ships.  While these changes may be needed, I think we need more OOB games to determine how overpowered the Allies are.

    I was interested in how you are winning as the CPs OOB.

    So initially:
    Austria -> Italy (Do you attack Romaina or leave it for the Russians to activate?)
    Germany, Ottoman -> Russia (Do you attack France or build up a defensive front?)

    Germany, Austria not engage enemy ships directly but utilize ‘fleet in being’ by slowly building up and using mines as an extra defender?  Thus forcing the UK to build a bigger and bigger navy to compete with Germany and protect British transports?  Thus less money for India?

    In that case why wouldn’t the UK play a bit more defensive in Africa/Mid East so as to not let Germans/Ottomans run rampant there?  Or is this a lesson you learned in this game?  I’m still trying to get my head wrapped around the 1914 rules.

  • Customizer

    Perhaps there is something in the strategy of concentrating Austria against the west, maybe Germany attacking east? If both are split between two fronts they both become overstretched, and never have enough reinforcements.

    I’ve always felt that the French navy is rather overpowered in the setup.  I can understand the two secondary factories being limited to 4 units, but this does cramp the UK a lot; my experience is that it places enough units in India to do the job - this can be a large stack of 8 units (to invade Persia) one turn, then nothing for 2 or 3 turns after that. If they are having shipping problems back home, then India is an outlet to keep pressure up without losing the ability to attack.

  • The central powers can’t win OOB with any strategies I’ve played. However I ended my first 2 games pretty early.

  • Turn 8 Review:

    Well, Rome was just taken by a joint Ottoman-Austrian attack. Now the hordes of Central Powers troops will thrust the wheel of industry upon Paris. Oh, how it must feel to be crushed by a million angry Germanic men. Burgundy is even stacked with 21 French infantry, but still it is a losing battle. Both the Austrians and the Ottomans have 3 transports and are having no trouble getting men into Western Europe. The USA is still stuck at 20 IPCs and they couldn’t even take the 1 TT assigned for them (Belgium). They will try to send another wave of fresh recruits, but they will just be cannon fodder for the German guns. Now it is a race to Paris. Who will win, the Ottomans, Germans, or Austrians? With the world watching, the fate of democracy is in the fate of a few brave Parisian men.  This has been a very fun game and I am glad the CPS have finally pulled out a victory. Stay tuned for the exciting final 2 rounds.

  • Turns 9-11 Review:

    Well just finished the game and it was an overwelming Central Powers victory. In the end, the CP’s controlled all but UK, Canada, USA, and a few Russian TT’s that were locked after Revolution (Denmark, Holand, Spain, Norway, Sweden were also not taken). This was a very fun game, and I think the Munich factory might be a little much. It seems to overpower France. I had the game won at turn 8. However, I wasn’t able to capture Paris until turn 11 (due to trying to get all my troops transported up. The Ottomans kicked ass because I failed to build enough units in India. I sent around 30 USA troops in all to Picady and Belgium and they did absolutly nothing. I think they would have been better served in Albania or somewhere in the east to drain IPCs from Austria or Ottomans. The CP’s ended with 159 IPCS and control of the Med sea. I’m not sure if it was the fact that I didn’t use USA to its full advantage or if I let India fall that lost it for the Allies.

    Has anyone played a game with the Munich factory? Do you think it adds too much power to Germany. I feel it does. The only thing the allies have going for them is the slow supply lines of the CP’s. In this game, I had a pretty quick time getting units to France.

    Total rounds:11      Total game time: 16.5 hours over the course of 5 days (solo test play). very long game if you play it out to the victory conditions. I could have ended at round 8 and just played 12 hours. That is still a long game not to have finished. Well it was fun.

    Would you guys like me to post pics from roundds 2-11?

  • hell yeah…whatever you got.  love it.  great round by round gameplay.  would love for some guys to have a website and post pictures and detail every round - units purchased (with pics of map), individual battle results, etc. etc.  great job…very enjoyable ready.

  • @Siris101:

    The central powers can’t win OOB with any strategies I’ve played. However I ended my first 2 games pretty early.

    They can win OOB, I have played two games thus far, each side winning once.

  • Customizer

    In addition to the Munich factory I’ve added Petrograd & Tsaritsyn as Russian PCs, so the Allies too have more placement options.

    It means that every tt in Russia apart from Poland is within 1 space of a PC, same advantage that Munich gives to Germany.

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