Spring Gathering XI, Cincinnati, April 5-6

  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    I’ll be at Spring Gathering XI this year and if you’re within a 6 hour drive I expect you to be there as well.  😉

    Here’s the info:

  • I wanted to go, but the “social secretary” has other plans for me.

    I will be sending along a couple of dice towers for Greg to raffle off, so all isn’t lost.  Enjoy!!!

  • School says, I can’t afford to make the trip.

  • Thanks, Dave for posting about the SG. Looking forward to seeing you again this weekend.

    What are you planning to do?


  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Hey Miami,

    Remeber that time you gave me your capital on J2? 😉

  • Dave,

    Great seeing you again and playing 1914 and GOT.

    I’ll have to work on my Greyjoy strategy.

    See ya in August !

  • Dave,
    Great meeting you again.  Didn’t get a chance to play 1914, but I did get to see your “industrial production” poker chips in action–cool stuff!

    Fantastic job as always!  Can’t believe another year has come and gone. The day went fast.  Some great door prizes, too, by the way.  Diplomacy, Ikusa, signed AA 1914, signed set of AA 1940 global, just to name a few. Thanks for making it all happen yet again.

    Played 3 games of 1942 (4:45 rounds, instant win if 10VC (Allies) or 9VC (Axis), otherwise most VC at end of time wins)
    1. Played Axis (6 IPC to Allies ) - Allies conceded after fall of Moscow in round 5, Leningrad having fallen earlier, with US having chance to take one VC in Pacific but not two.  On pace for a 7 round game.
    2. Played Allies, accepting a 20 IPC bid - barely got a 5th round in, at start of which Axis held Leningrad and Allies held Shanghai; in round 5, Axis conquered Moscow while US conquered Tokyo for a narrow 7-6 VC win.  However, had the Japanese distributed fighters more evenly between Manila and Tokyo, this game could easily have gone to the Axis.
    3. Played Axis (6 IPC to Allies ) - Allies conceded in round 6 (11 tnk/1bmb German build in Russia/Caucasus), Moscow having fallen in round 5 (sensing a theme?); on pace for an 8 round game.  Japanese fleet was able to resurrect time and again to keep the US fleet at bay.

    First time playing 1942 2nd edition in a tourney. Seems a bit limited in strategic options, certainly for tournament play but I’d venture to say also for out of the box victory conditions.  Nearly all the Allied Atlantic fleets are demolished on G1, and every SZ surrounding Great Britain is within range of the German Baltic fleet plus at least 5 aircraft on the coast, not to mention any remaining German subs.  So, KGF seems out of the question, and it’s KJF or bust.  This is a one-track game that reminds me of the original AA Europe, which boiled down to a march on Moscow–everything else was a sideshow.  I’m resigned to this version being the “mainstream” tourney at Greg’s events this summer, but the “side” AA50 games will be more enjoyable, I’m sure.

  • Greetings AA Gamers/Dave,

    Just wanted to thank everyone that came out and made the Spring Gathering
    another great big success especially those that traveled across country to
    the event.

    I also would like to again, thank all the sponsors: WotC/AH, Larry Harris,
    12-7 Games, HBG.com, Art of War, Craig Yope, FMG, GameTableOnline, and last
    but NOT least, Axis & Allies.org.  No way the SG would make it without your
    continued support.

    I am still in the process of uploading pictures, so if anyone has any they
    would like to send along that already has not done so, please feel free to
    do so.

    Now, onto Origins.  An Update will be coming soon.

    Gregory J. Smorey 😄
    Axis & Allies Event Organizer/GM - GEN CON/Origins/Spring Gathering

    “The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself” - MacArthur

  • So what about the G40 1942 setup?

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