• So what was more balanced in your opinion. I know everyone said 1940 was tilted heavily towards Japan but we only ever played it 5 times and it ended in 2 allied victories and 3 stalemates. Tho granted there were several rule misinterpretations each time. But i seem to remember original pacific was more fun. Maybe the 1941 start date led to quicker action but i seem to remember original pacific was a bit more balanced. Which do you guys think was the better standalone game?

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    I think the Allies won more often in the original game, but I agree it was a fun game.
    Mongolia and the lack of a Manchuria enforced garrison to slow Japan in the 1940  version, spoils it for me.
    Without the 18 Russians it is a little less authentic. It is also a longer game.
    Having a VP ladder helps keep the time down in the original.

  • The original pacific by far was more fun and balanced (if you used 23 VC’s as Japan win).

    Pacific 1940 is distorted because it was designed to be combined with Europe 1940, hence Japan is overpowered (to compensate for America having more money in Global).

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