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Russian Subs

  • Do these buggers ever get sunk?

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    On G1 I buy a Destroyer, so if I fancy a G2 Barbarossa I can get one of the buggers.
    If you are desperate, buy 2 on G1.
    Otherwise I know what you mean: can be a thorn if not removed early.
    I have always played Germany, so am not happy until every Russian unit is dead.

  • My first attempt at an unorthodox G1 was ruined by that stupid sub in 115.  Took CV and loaded TT (to attack Vyborg) with 2 - 3 fighters hoping that the sub would not hit the first shot attack.  He rolled a 1 so I had to retreat but couldn’t unload due to the rules.  Did not purchase any navy so he just took the transport on R1.  Ended up losing norway for a couple turns since I had no transport to take it back and Russia took out my guys in finland.  VERY costly and obviously the Allies ended up winning that game.  Lesson learned 😄

  • Always have a DD with a Carrier.  Rule #176 of A&A.

  • Error, I meant a CA.  No CV available on G1.

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