Oztea and Wove100's AA1914 Breakthrough Rules and Charts

  • Here’s the tech chart and rules we came up with prior to the game’s release. The idea was KISS Axis and Allies style techs with modified breakthrough rules taken from the Anniversary edition. The files are attached as PDFs. We haven’t designed a research and development chart where you can mark the developments you have (no skills in the area) or any particular research tokens (although HBG has nice ones).

    Research and Development
    (The Research and Development Phase takes precedes the Purchase and Repair Units Phase)

    In this phase, you may attempt to develop improved military technology. To do so, you buy dice that give you a chance for a scientific breakthrough.

    Research & Development Sequence
    1. Buy research dice
    2. Redeem researcher tokens
    3. Roll research dice
    4. Roll breakthrough dice
    5. Mark developments

    Step 1: Buy Research Dice
    Each die costs 3 IPCs. Buy as many as you wish, including none.

    Step 2: Redeem Researcher Tokens
    Discard your researcher tokens, claiming one research die for each researcher token.

    Step 3: Roll Research Dice
    Roll your research dice and assess the results.

    Failure: If you roll a “1” or “2,” your research has failed.

    Progress: If you roll a “3” or “4,” your research has progressed, but no breakthroughs have been made. Take one researcher token for each “3” or “4” you roll. Researcher tokens entitle you to roll free research dice on your next turn, one for each researcher token.

    Success: If you roll at least one “5” or “6,” you have successfully made a technological breakthrough.

    Step 4. Roll Breakthrough Dice
    If you rolled a “5” or “6” on any research die, choose one of the two breakthrough charts and roll all your successful research dice to see which technological advance you get. You can only receive one advance each turn. Once the breakthrough dice are rolled, choose one of the breakthroughs on the chart whose number matches one of the dice you rolled.

    For example, you had 2 successful research dice. You choose Breakthrough Chart 1 and reroll your successful research dice, resulting in a “1” and a “2.” You may choose between Super Submarines and Chemical Warfare.

    If you have already received the same result on a previous turn, reroll until you get a new technological advance. Once you have received all the advances on a chart, you cannot gain any more advances from that chart.

    Step 5: Mark Developments
    If your research was successful, place one of your national control markers inside the appropriate advancement box on the research & development chart. Your development becomes effective immediately.

    Any number of powers may develop the same technology, but powers cannot share their technology.

    Breakthrough Chart 1

    1 - Super Submarines - During sea combat, super submarines fire before all other ships, whether on attack or defense. Casualties from a super submarine attack are destroyed before they can return fire.

    2 - Chemical Warfare - In one attack this turn, roll a die: 1-4 that many infantry do not roll defensively; 5-6: No effect. If used against you, halve the number of immobilized infantry.

    3 - Stormtrooper Tactics - Attacking infantry with artillery support roll at 4 or less.

    4 - Aerial Photography - If you have air supremacy, your artillery can support 2 units instead of one.

    5 - Motorized Transportation - Infantry, Artillery, and Tanks that begin movement in your capital may move 2 spaces, subject to all other movement rules.

    6 - Advanced Aviation - Fighters attack and defend at 3 or less.

    Breakthrough Chart 2

    1 - Improved Shipyards - Naval units cost 1 IPC less.

    2 - Battle Cruisers - Cruisers attack at 4 or less, but still defend at 3 or less. Additionally, cruisers may perform offshore bombardment at 3.

    3 - Anti-Submarine Warfare - Your cruisers prevent enemy subs from submerging in combat or moving through them at a 1:1 ratio.

    4 - Anti-Aircraft Guns - Artillery may target fighters before combat begins, hitting at 1, limited to the number of artillery available or the number of fighters present, whichever is smaller.

    5 - Increased Production - Tank and Fighter costs are reduced by 1 IPC.

    6 - Wireless Communications - During combats where friendly forces are also in the contested zone, roll a die. Up to that many friendly artillery are used to boost your attacking forces on a 1:1 ratio, but may not participate in combat.

    AA1914 R and D Rules.pdf
    AA1914 Breakthrough Charts.pdf

  • Looks good. Krieghund should put these in the faq as optional rules.

  • ASW warfare is by far the weakest tech….and if any ought to be considered changed it should be that one.
    Once that issue is solved, spice up the PDFs with some art perhaps.

    Also Volcano’s tech rules are similar to ours. Not sure if there is a middle ground between the two, but he has some techs that are better, and some techs that seem worse than ours.
    We shall see…

  • Customizer

    Oz, let’s start to think about this. Make a list of the ones here (that aren’t on Volcano’s thread) that you absolutely can’t live without. That’ll help us find a middle ground.

  • Well some are very similar. Ill try and write up a comparison of the two rule sets later.
    Though I do prefer the tech token system in this rule set, tokens being 3 IPCs rather than 5, Success on 5-6, failure on 1-2, token awarded on 3-4

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