• Hey all.  I have searched the internet to no avail.  Who can help me get a complete piece count for the Anniversary edition.  How many specific units per country, etc.  I know it’s out there somewhere.


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    I spent some time looking and the most I could find was a total number of each unit (not country specific).

    Dice 14, artillery 64, infantry 160, tanks 64, bombers 38, fighters 66, aircraft carriers 22, battleships 22, destroyers 52, submarines 52, transports 48, industrial complexes 24, antiaircraft guns 24.

    I know it’s not what you were looking for though.  I’ll keep an eye open.

  • Hey - thanks, that does help.  I’m curious how the piece count compares to the newer games / the italy / china piece counts in particular.  I had a really hard time finding it too…

  • I was going to write all the piece numbers in here from my rule book, but I know where you can find it online too. Go to Wizards.com and find the Anniversary edition board game page. There is a link to download the rule book there. Page 5 of the rule book has all the info you’re after. And China only has 15 infantry pieces, FYI. Hope this helps!

  • Wow - huge help - Thank you!  And I feel like an idiot because I have that rulebook already downloaded and never noticed they were all in there.  Thanks!

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