U.S./Russia strategy

  • Give the $12 IPC’s to USA making a total of $52 for them. On the very first turn the USA should build 6 transports, including the one they already have will make seven. By the second turn they should begin moving as fast as possible towards Leningrat or Archenel (sorry about spelling). Witht the help of the british fleat escorting them they will make it to one of these ports. If possible, the Brit’s should send their transports as well. By the end of the Rusian turn during the non-combat stage, he/she can claim them to be Russian boats. Russia has crazy millitary to load them up and can send them to Berlin or France or Netherlands or wherever it would cripple Germany due to Russian attacks from two sides now. This coupled with Bombings from U.K. and/or U.S., either regular or strat bombings will severely cripple Germany. Keep in mind that after its first turn the U.S could have been buying jets or bombers to help with this manuver. The key to this is that Russia has to be able to fend off with everything it has while filling those tranports.

    It will work!!! 😄

  • It needs some work-Germany would most likely take out Britain’s fleet, plus some of their convoys, so it would be a pretty risky propostion. Not to mention the fact that Russia will be pretty hard pressed to support two offensives at once. What I would do is have the US build infantry the first turn, then transports, then by turn 4 make one large amphib assault at the closest territory.

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