Download Iron Blitz

  • Does anyone know where to download Iron Blitz for free? Thanks in advance.

  • Being the sick twisted individual that I am (AKA the UK player) I’ll just give you a hint on where to find the game…

    Some people say that at the start of the game germany is the underdogs, but I say russia is the underdogs because of their org.

    can’t wait to see if someone can pick up on my hints 🙂

  • Given that somebody already gave the link in a different category, I don’t think it matters too much. I would suggest doing a search on this site for the exact location of the website where IB can be downloaded.

  • just joined in…I play A&A all the time and didn’t even know IB existed. I cannot pick up on the hints…help?

  • boo, way to ruin my fun. I was hinting towards They have it.
    You like catch 22? my favorite quote is: He had decided to live forever or die in the attempt, and his only mission each time he went up was to come down alive.

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