• I’m a big fan of the board games, looking to expand into this game too, but I’m confused as to what exactly I need to get started. Can someone explain what all the different booster packs and things mean? It sounds like some are out of print.

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    The different boosters are simply from different sets. Each set will have ships with different abilities or perhaps a German ship with an ability that only appeared on a US ship prior. Most games like this have a bit of power creep so the most recent sets will have the “best” ships but bear in mind I’ve only played with the first set and can’t really speak to that.

    Usually this sort of game has a starter set which will be enough ships to learn the rules along with the rulebook, a map and any sorts of special counters and tokens the game requires and some dice. So…

    You NEED:

    A copy of the rules.

    A map/playing surface.

    The appropriate tokens and markers indicated in the rulebook.

    Two fleets.

    You can get these from any starter set (the later the set the better as it will have the more updated rules) or you can go straight to the secondary market and buy some ship models and download/print/make/improvise the rest.

    After that it becomes a question of how you want to play and how much you want to spend as to what you’ll “need.”

  • With single ships, is it necessary to buy ones that come with their cards, or can i download the cards somewhere? The singles on amazon don’t specify whether they come with cards or not.

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    I do not know about downloading the cards but you want to make sure any singles you buy come with their unit cards. Most sellers include the unit card. Try someplace like Miniature Market, Troll and Toad, or Popular Collections.

  • Do they make any of these anymore? Seems like all the sites you mentioned are cleared out.

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    Come on over to this website young man, all of your answers are here.


  • Okay just one more thing I’m confused about: there seem to be two starter sets, an old one thats out of print and a newer one. Is there any difference between the two as far as what is included?

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    The newer one has a revised rulebook.

  • This is a rare game where power creep is almost non existent there were a few mistakes in set 1 but that’s it the first 2 sets units are highly prized.  I recommend starting with singles from 2 nations one axis and one allie and going from there.

  • I dowloaded the hefty demo 290meg and I wonder how the campaign portion will play out?

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