• hi im having some problems with A&A it feeze’s every time I go into a game help please

  • A&A sucks. Whenever I try to play it on my laptop I’ll click a button and it’ll just sit there clicking over and over again. I dont think your problem is fixable. check out the thread on download axis and allies iron blitz

  • any patch out there. it runs slow and haven’t put it through the paces yet

  • if you have windows XP, you can run it in WIN 95 mode. right click the icon and go to properties and click the compatibility tab. check the box for “run in compatibility mode” and select 95 or 98. 95 looks cool as the flags wave at hyperspeed and the scrolling is ridiculously fast. 98 runs at a bit more reasonable speed.

  • thanks for the tip for going to win98/95 mode. it runs much more smoothly on XP with 98 on!

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