England's greatest Queen died today in 1603

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    Elizabeth I of England died today in 1603. She was 69. Her reign was a great one, despite the dangers posed throughout it from the threat of Spanish invasion and from her own Catholic noblemen. Even before her accession at 25 her life was wrought with danger as she was brought up Protestant and her older sister was a Catholic. She had seriously feared for her life when 5 years before her accession, her Protestant  cousin Lady Jane Grey was placed on the throne(for nine days) instead of her sister, Mary. The five years she spent as heir, yet never expecting to accede, were in Mary’s watchful and jealous gaze.
    When she came to the throne in November of 1558 England was bankrupt. In fact she depended on her noblemen and favourites, notably Essex, for her upkeep. She would travel the country,at times  spending months in their estates.
    It is for the Armada she is most well known. Phillip of Spain made it his mission to return England back to the Catholic fold and many attempts were made on her life by his assassins.
    The Armada was a precursor to an amphibious landing on the South coast of England, but misfortune and daring on the part of her Naval Captains saved her realm and England’s new religion. If his Catholic army had landed England would have fallen as it did not have a large army.(There was no money for one.)
    Her reign was one of England’s best and is known as the Elizabethan Age. Many explorers and great men lived in her time: Raleigh and Drake are two. Not only was she one of England’s greatest monarchs, she was probably one of Europe’s best.

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    Another great posting witt, be careful tho as it does sound a bit political…. wg

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    I believe those interested in politics do not read my history posts. (Otherwise how could they negative them?)
    Thank you for your compliment, Malachi.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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