A Question about A&A Europe & Pacific ( I hope someone can help me)

  • In a game i was playing today; An Italian sub and strategic bomber attacked my British
    carrier( empty deck). We both missed 1st round then he hit with his sub and bomber. I rolled
    a “2” and hit him. No destroyers were present. He took the sub for a casualty, I thought he
    should have taken the bomber since I did not have a destroyer and his sub hit would count
    as a sneak attack for the first hit. Can someone please give me guidance on this.

    Thank You

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    Hi Drendair. I think you are talking about 1940, not the 1999 Europe.

    The Sub can be taken as a casualty.

    It is only immune if it submerges, rather than attacking. Once it stays to fight the Carrier, the Carrier can always shoot back as long as it survives the sneak attack, which it does as it needs two hits to sink it. (Was it undamaged?)
    Warships can always hit Subs, even if a Destroyer belonging to that active player is not present, if the Sub has not “submerged”.
    This ability to avoid combat is usually used when the Sub is attacked, as it only defends on a “1”.

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    I noticed it was your first post after I answered:

    We all love 1940 here, so glad you are playing it.

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