Help! Don't understand "FIRST STRIKE"

  • I have a hard time understanding the subs “First Strike” capability. Frankly, I find it a pain since the rules are not very clear about it. :x Can you help me?

  • Attacking subs have the “first strike” capabilities.

    Each sub gets to roll first (in EVERY round) when attacking. Any hits are removed and the killed units do not get to defend.


    Germany attacks the UK navy with the following:
    UKSZ – UK 1 bb, 1 trn RUS 1 sub, 1 trn vs. GER 2 sub, 3 ftr

    GER rolls a 1 and a 3 – thus, 1 sub gets a hit and the Allies wish to remove the RUS trn

    Next … GER finishes the rest of it’s rolls (3 ftr) … and roll 2, 1, and 3 (3 hits). The rest of the Allied navy is sank.

    Allies get to defend with only 1 bb, 1 trn and 1 sub (the RUS trn was sunk via the GER sub’s first strike ability so it doesn’t get to defend at all).

  • Good explaination MistaBiggs.

  • I understand what you are saying,but what happens if both subs survive and want to roll again.Do these subs have “First Strike” or not?IF so how many rounds of this battle is “First Strike” applicable if the subs survive? :-?

  • ONLY attacking subs have first strike capabilities, although I’m not sure whether it lasts beyond the first round. I’ve always played that first strike is always on.

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