• In case no one else noticed, submarines do not have first strike capability. They may still submerge, but can be taken as casualties during the round in which they choose to submerge.

    Interestingly, transports may be taken as casualties before submerging submarines:

    “However, transports must be chosen last as casualties, after all warships have been sunk or have submerged (but they may be chosen before submarines that have submerged in the current round).”

  • The game would be more balanced if the subs did have 1st strike.  German subs could wander around looking for unguarded transports.

  • So Subs can’t attack transports that are alone in a SZ?

  • They can. Transports that are by themselves will atuo-die if the player with the sub attacks there.

  • Customizer

    It would definitely give the German navy a chance. Nobody sends transports about unprotected, but if the subs can sink all escorting ships then the transports all go down automatically.

    This is an aspect of the war I’d like to see more of, but it does need subs given some kind of improvement.

  • Two words “Wolf Pack”.

    2 or more German subs attacking the same sz roll at 3 or less. If they fall below 2 subs (killed or submerged) then they roll normal. I know wolf pack was more know in WW2, but this tactic dates back to WW1 and had good success (all though German communications did hinder it).

    Also allow German subs to roll at 3 or less if they ever manage to raid the US/UK sz’z (2, 7 & 8’). If they get a hit (3 or less) then deduct what is on the dice (not just 1 IPC)

  • Customizer

    My suggested changes to the Naval setup:

    Partially intended to be used in conjunction with Turkey & Italy not being “at war” until the start of their own first turn, so for example the Austrian fleet might move through SZ17 unimpeded, the German cruiser in SZ18 can head for Constantinople…

    Austria: add sub SZ18

    Germany: add transport & sub SZ10, add cruiser SZ18, add cruiser & transport SZ26

    France: remove battleship SZ15, remove 1 transport SZ16

    UK: remove battleship SZ29

    Turkey: remove 2 cruisers SZ20

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