• Ive been looking for the axis and allies pc version for some time now. Never found it, but my friend showed me a place to download it, because its considered abondware now. Anyways, it runs so friggen slow, it aint funny. I can play for 1 or 2 turns. Then it just goes painfully, slow, like the game will freezeup, every second or whne ever i try to make a move. This creates a very painful and horrid experence.

    IVe turned everything off, sound, music, turned on quick roll. But no dice :S

  • someone just recommended I do this for Iron Blitz and it made an improvement.

    if you are running xp, or even not I guess try;

    right clicking on the AA icon. choose compatibility mode and set for Win 95, 98, etc. play around. 98 worked for me.

  • I noticed tunring off the Newspaper helped me too. Thats really unnessesary and it gets annoying. Also, turning on fast computer cuts down the RAM needed.

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